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is anyone out

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of school yet? My kids had their last day yesterday. Bad thing is, they are already bored. And it's raining really bad, so no playing outside.
Got any summer plans?
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Schools in my county let out before Memorial Day. My nephew's daughter will be entering high school this fall. She is also in marching band and they start rehearsing in July.
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My daughter has another week. I work so she is at a friends house, and will be for the summer. The sitter has a 6 kids, so they are always doing stuff.
As far as my daughter and I, it depends on how much $$$ gas will be. If its ok, i will drive about 5 hours to see the Blue Angels in July. Of course there is always the local theme/water park.
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I been out since 2002
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My two girls last day is Tuesday. Only two more days of school.I honestly cant wait for them to be out. SUMMER TIME
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My nephews get out today! Sorry no suggestions from me, but if I think of anything i will surely let you know!!! You know... you could do a great game called "let's clean our room!" Though they may not like that game!
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We don't have summer vacation (six weeks here) till the last week of July. However, our two-week "spring break" just ended today.
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Last day of school here is June 28. It's a short, two-month summer. If you start going through toys to get rid of them, your kids will instantly find some things they love to play with.
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