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See you later Phoenix

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Today we had a rescue lady come to pick up one of the strays, Phoenix, to take him to the vet to get checked out then they were going to foster him and put him up for adoption. I was so happy that he was finally going to get a chance to find a forever home. Well the lady called back and said that he had to be put to sleep because he tested positive for feline leukemia and was sick The lady didn't even know him and she was sobbing so hard. She stayed with him until the end. God bless people like her that do what they can to help. I feel so bad that the poor little guy never got a chance to have a good home where he was loved and spoiled like he deserved to be. At the same time I am soooo angry at people right now....people that just dump them like they are garbage. I know that he is alright now and that he is healthy and happy on the other side but I will miss him. He was very sweet and craved attention so much he would crawl up and press his head up against your face and knead your chest and purr. See ya later little buddy.
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Aww. I am sorry. I agree people are just plain stupid-dumping pets like garbage!

RIP Phoenix. You will no longer be sick, or suffering.
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Oh thats so sad All the poor babies that have just crossed the bridge today will all be met by the others at the other side to take them to their new home

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Oh how sad. RIP sweet one. Play like a kitty again at the RB.
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That is so sad. Poor Phoenix. RIP sweet guy.
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How sad.

RIP Phoenix
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Thanks guys.
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I am so sorry!
RIP little buddy, you will be forever missed.
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Oh I am so sorry I missed this! Phoenix is over the Rainbow Bridge playing with my Sandy Paws.
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rest in peace phoenix, i adopted a cat that had been living in a garage for a year. she was so sweet and loving, we took her to the vet, got all of her shoots updated and took her home. 4 weeks later she started to stop eating, started loosing control of her self, so we took her back in. She had a rare stran of genetic feline lukemia. It only took about 2 weeks and it took her away. I just like to think that we gave her the best last four weeks of her life, and I would like to think that you did the same for your little guy. Sometimes animals find you when they need you the most, but in the end it is never hard to say good bye.
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poor baby! at least he's healthy now...
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Rest in peace little one.
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Oh my ! what a tough time that lady has gone through I hope she can find another kitty that she can give so much love and warmth to and you have certainly been through it with her and sweet Phoenix too

RIP Sweet Phoenix, have lots of great new adventures over the Bridge
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