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RIP you precious angel

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I didnt know your name. I did try and save your life....but the people that think you are soo vicious, didnt let me give you a chance You were a beautiful dog. I hope you may now run and play happily!! Noone up there thinks your mean and vicious!!

RIP pretty girl!!

I just cant get this beautiful pit bull out of my mind!!! I was at the vets today and AC had a pit that had been turned over to them because the owner said she couldnt afford to pay for the care, shots and such she needed to be able to keep her in city limits!! I tried to let them give her to me, but the police dept said NOOOO!! I was so ready to save her life-and they wouldnt let me!!

RIP sweetie.
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Thats soo sad, R.I.P u little angel May u play happily over the Rainbow Bridge !!!!

Why are some people just so darn irresponsible and why wouldnt they let u take that baby and give her a chance, it just angers me the rep pitts have they really are such beautiful dogs and such nice dogs, and well its how ppl raise them that makes them mean and such

R.I.P sweet angel
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The poor baby. All she wanted was some love and care

Run fast over the bridge sweet girl and know that someone loved you

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How unfair for this poor dog. RIP sweet one. Play happily over at the RB.
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Oh, that poor dog. RIP sweet baby and know you were cared about before you left us.
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that breaks my heart. rest well little girl and may you find the happiness you didn't have on Earth at the rainbow bridge. thank you for trying to save her life, people just suck! to you!
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Awww, RIP little sweety
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Poor dog.

RIP sweet one
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