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Meowmy look! I'm a Sphynx cat!

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Figgy's a sphynx!

Those are post bath pics, still wet. He brushes out better wet. Oh yeah, he's getting a butt clip now, too. It's terrible. I think I even need to trim the hair on the bottom of his chin, it's always full of food!

This is how he was before the bath:

I am such a meanie!
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Poor little chap
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What a precious little baby.
post #4 of 15 I'm sure he'll look smashing with his new butt and chin trim!
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Oh!!! Awwwww look at him the gorgeous little muffin man
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Aw, the pathetic "drowned rat" look.
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That is just too wrong!! And too cute!
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Aww Poor Figgy

But he'll feel so much better after a good trim and a bath
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Poor little guy! Now how very adorable is that?!!! Aww
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Aw, look at that face!! Can you get any cuter than fresh, clean, tortured kitty??

You think he was a heartbreaker before, wait till he's soft and fuzzy and trimmed!! He'll find a home way too quickly.

Is he still so yellow after his bath? (Sorry if I missed that in a post somewhere, trying to catch up!) We need more handsome after bath pics!
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He's still yellow after dozens of baths! I clipped him bum. He went potty & I discovered I missed a few spots! So tomorrow when he goes to the shelter, I'm going to have someone hold him so I can clip him. He has the dirtiest face now, too. He plows into his food & get it all over him!
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those 2 first pics he is just soo darling though such a cutie pie
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Lol Natalie! kill me with the title of your thread!.......
BUt is necesary a good shower constanstly!
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Awwwwwwww... poor little baby...
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Awww, what an adorable little guy! That's so cute.
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