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I'm New

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Hello all,

Here is my story, I have a beloved 13 year old Tabby and I just adopted a 6 month old kitten on Monday. I just recently lost a beloved furbaby to CRF last week Tuesday. I hope to get some good information here regarding cat health.

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Welcome to the site! I'm sorry to hear of your loss but hope that you can find what information you need for your new kitty here. Everyone is friendly and there are a lot of knowledgeable people around. Feel free to jump right in on the conversations!
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Welcome to the site! You have definitely come to the right place to learn more about our furry friends. There are so many knowledgeable people here.

I look forward to getting to know you and both of your cats on the forums!
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Welcome, fellow new person! I haven't been here long, but these are some of the best people on the web. I'm sure you'll love it here.
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Great to have you here. I'm sorry to hear of your loss also. However your new furry addition sound adorable and hopefully will mean your tabby will have a new playmate.
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Welcome to the forums

Another kitty to add to my army, bwahahaha.
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Hi, Sharper 16 Welcome! I'm so glad you joined us. Now, let me explain BuNN...umm...errr...well...umm...Well, maybe I can't. But we love him anyway!
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Welcome! I am new also, and I think you'll find lots of information and great people here on this site!

Have any photos of your babies?!
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You cannot explain me nor comprehend my powers over the kitties hordes! I will rule the planet and my kitties will be your masters.

You are already under the kitty spell!
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We all welcome you to the site! Have a Happy Holiday!
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Thank you everyone, its nice to meet all of you. I will scan some pics of my kitties and post them as soon as possible.
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Welcome and so glad you've got a new addition to the family. You are in the right place for stacks of good, friendly advice and support!
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