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To make the move as easy on Tal and Midnight as possible.

For Tal, our routine everyday is to get up, play some fetch and maybe train a little, then eat and he helps me I go workout about 11, home by 1, feed him then we usually take a nap..then more packing then to the lake or a game of fetch. A walk about 9 pm.

The day I actually load the truck, I'll take Tal to daycare and the morning we leave I'll play a good game of fetch with him. I'll have his crate pad in the truck with me and hopefully he will sleep alot during the drive.

Once we reach the house, I'll take him around on leash and show him everything, maybe play with him in his new backyard then I'll put his crate in our room and probably leave him crated until I get the truck unloaded, which should be about an hour or so.

I know he knows something is different and since we are out of school I am spending alot of time with him, whic I would be evern if not moving.

For Midnight, I am starting her conversion to an indoor cat today. A friend of mine had a crate they were not using that is just the right size. I got her a crate pad just like Tal's (well smaller!lol) and am going to start feeding her inside today. I ordered her a cat tree and it will be here sometime next week. I am going to put her in the bathroom as we load the truck but won't let her out of the house that day. Once we get to our new house, there is an enclosed area just off the back door that will be perfect to keep her until I can get the truck unloaded.

What do you think? I just want to minimize the trauma to them as much as possible...