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A little frustrated with furniture - ideas please?

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I'm hoping there are some decor divas out there that might be able to help me with a little situation here...

We bought this house last july. It's really a great house, but the family room is just so oddly arranged that it's driving me nuts. When we moved in I had only 2 large ottomans and one chair piece from a modular sofa (looks like this one - the chair piece in the middle, and two ottomans that look like the chair piece without a back) Had more pieces to it at one point, but Buddha destroyed them as a puppy silly boy! Anyway, my grandmother had died last May and we were offered any furniture we wanted out of her FL house... so we took her sofa and loveseat.

So basically I have plenty of furniture for this room - all of which I could keep or put somewhere else, but none of it fits in a way that I could have more than 2 people sitting in the room comfortably... and it's really driving me nuts! I've been changing furniture around for almost a year now, and I need more help. I've tried drawing it out on graph paper and stuff... but the only way I can see to accomplish this is to move the bedroom door entrance - which I don't have the money for because it would require moving a lot of wires.

And of course DH is no help. He keeps saying "you're the interior designer... you figure it out!" Which, ok, that is a hobby of mine and I do want to go to school for it... but I haven't yet! Sheesh!

So I was hoping someone has come across software... or some tool that they've used to help them plan a layout for one of their rooms... I tried one one (can't think of the name of it... it'll come to me) but it was just so over involved for what I wanted to do it became a hassle to use.

Anyone have any luck with something that could help me out?

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Is this what you are looking for?

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OMG thats PERFECT! Thank you SO MUCH!
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
That is so cool! I am going to design our basement now.
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Hmm... that might help me re-arrange our living room. What a great site!
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