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My rabbit died

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Yesterday evening I went into my room, to get cat food and to check on my dwarf rabbit, Blossom. She looked odd and her face was buried in some bedding and newspaper. I shook the cage and she looked completely stiff. My heart dropped. I finally gathered up courage to touch her and then she fell over and I realized she was still alive. She couldn't get back up and was in obvious pain and discomfort. I ran in my mom's room and woke her up to come to Blossom. We took her out and knew she wasn't go to be with us much longer. She was gasping for breath and looked like she was losing energy. I could tell from her stiffness that things were already shutting down. Then she just started opening and closing her mouth like she couldn't breathe anymore. I wrapped her in a towel and sat on my bed with her while my mom went to call my cousin to dig a grave for her up on the hill.
I just held her and cried and told her how much I loved her and how special she was to me. How I hoped I gave her a wonderful life and how much I was sorry for what was happening to her. I kissed her head a few more times and rocked her back and forth. Then she was gone.
We put her in a blue box that was just the right size for her. We buried her in her timothy hay which she loved. I put a note in her box telling her I loved her and that I will always remember her.
We just buried her next to Rosie. Picking up rocks to out around her grave and putting her box into the ground was so hard.
I miss her so much. It was so hard coming back to an empty cage and my room scattered with her supplies.
I took a few poor quality pictures of her but I never got a chance to do the photo shoot I had planned.
My heart is filled with regret of everything I had wish I had done for her but I couldn't. I wished I had spent as much time as possible with her on her last few days, I am just to the rim with wishes that I am trying to put behind me instead of focusing on them.
I know not all of you have ever had a rabbit, but I also know that here we know a pet is not 'just a pet" to the people who love them and care for them so deeply.
RIP Blossom. I will miss everything about you.
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I'm so sorry honey! I had a rabbit once who passed quickly and unespextdly and it hurts! At least you were there to comfort her and say good bye in her last minutes. I'm sure she knows she was and still is loved.
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I'm very sorry for your loss. RIP Blossom.
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I'm so sorry; I'll hold both of you in the Light.

She's at the Rainbow Bridge now, hopping with the others.
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You are right...a pet isn't JUST a pet...

Man, when I was a kid I had hamsters all the time. Those suckers either escaped somehow never to be seen again or died (3 years was about their max in my life). I was crushed EACH time. It was aweful.

Hang in there. You can't keep going back on yourself with the "what-if's" and "should'ves" Don't do that to yourself!
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Your kind words and support mean a lot to me.
Here's something I made for her and it shows some pictures.

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Oh heck I am so sorry and sadden to hear of the loss of your sweet bunny Blossom is such a cutie, she'll be with my RB bunnies, who ware both dwarfs and my nieces bunny Bo

RIP Sweet Blossom, hop quickly over the Bridge, you can have some bunny adventures there now
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Oh what a cutie pie she was. I am glad that you were able to be there to comfort her..RIP sweet one, and many hugs to your mommy.
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Im sorry. Losing a pet hurts, I know it does. She was a very pretty bunny.

Go hop happily Blossom.
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Awww she's lovely as well

Hop as fast as you can over the bridge blossom sweetie

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Sorry for your loss.
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She was beautiful. My prayers are with you.

RIP Blossom
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