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I graduate tomarrow and I am nervous

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So yes the day has finally come, I am finally graduating high school But for some reason I am so nervous We did get my mom a wheel chair for tomarrow though so thats a big plus and also they are reserving seats for my crew since my mom will be in a wheel chair and such !! Also the place I am graduating at was built in 1860 There has been no remodeling or anything, I am so worried about the steps and everyhting! Also the seats are like wooden almost I am just hoping all goes well tomarrow, also at the mandatory meeting/practice a lot of people didnt show And they also did a quick go thru of everything!

Can u all send me some claming vibes, and some good vibes for tomarrow! I am just so nervous, I also dont want this to be to hard on my mom
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You'll do great!! Congratulations on graduating!
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Congrats on graduating I graduated in 2004, I know it's a stressful day! My mom is disabled, and she got along just fine at my graduation. Everything will be ok! <<<<Vibes>>>> for you and your mom! Good luck!
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You'll be fine. Relax and enjoy your special day!
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Congratulations!!! What are you going to do next?
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Graduating - it is such a great/big day. try to take some time to absorb it all. Congrats and everything will go beautifully.
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You will be fine & do great!!!
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After this I am hoping to get into vet tech school, do that for a little while and go from there

But now my brother is mad because "no one told him of the graduation mind u I have been saying the date since I found out when it was What can I say I am/was excited !! The other brother could care less

But ya these steps are CRAZY, and well I dont got no small heels So hopefulyl I dont fall down the steps that wouldnt be good !

I forgot to add, I will have pics tomarrow too !! I also dyed my hair again SO u all will get to see the new do and everything !!
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Many calming vibes for you! Congrats on graduating!!!
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Conrats!!! You will do just fine sweetie!!
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Originally Posted by ProudKittieMom View Post
But ya these steps are CRAZY, and well I dont got no small heels So hopefulyl I dont fall down the steps that wouldnt be good !
That would make it memorable

Congratulations - I'm sure your mom will be so proud that any inconveniences will be quickly forgotten.

Sending you a box of calming vibes

Good luck
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Congratulations!!! I'm sending you lots of calming vibes, but I'm sure you'll do just fine.
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Congrats and I'm adding my calming vibes for you.
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Oooh, congrats!!

Sending many calming vibes{{{{}}}}
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Don't let nerves get to you.Graduation day is something everyone looks forward to from kindergarten.Have a GREAT day.
and CONGRADULATION!!!! Sending calming vibes
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Graduation is a great exciting day of joy and accomplishment..Try to enjoy it and stay calm.
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I know that your worried that you will fall down the stairs, wearing your high heels. I thought I was going to fall down the stairs as well when I graduated. Luckily, I did not. Noone in my graduating class did... it will be OK! Just remember to "BREATH!"
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Congratulations!! Have your parents arrive early so you mom can get settled in with the wheelchair in a good spot so she can see you.
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Sending many calming vibes your way! Congratulations on graduating!!
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Good for you! Try not to worry -- everyone will do what they can for your mom, I'm sure. When my mom had a wheelchair after knee surgery, people were just wonderful to us everywhere we went.

I'm so glad you're going to be a vet! What a great career choice!
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Well I was excited all year, and now its the wait thats making me so nervous Even though I should have done it last year

But ya they were very understandable about my mom! They told us were to park and pull in, and they are reserving front row seats i do believe, thank goodness we got the wheel chair though! Thank goodness my gram works at a hospital

But ya I have been waiting for this day for YEARS, and its here and I am so nervous, and I got so much to do tonite Thank goodness our power came back on !!! But thanx everyone for the calming vibes and congrats, I am just soo nervous, I am hoping no one falls

Also we will be there early because I have to be there by 10 am, so we will be there and the graduation will be at 10:30 ! So very early morning for me tomarrow
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Good luck you will do fine and Congratulations! I am so proud of you!
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Congrats! You will do great, and your mom will be so proud of you!! Good luck, and definitely post some pics once you have them!
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Congrats! You will do fine & so will your mom! It will be over before you know it.
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Congrats to you! You'll do fine!
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Awww you will do great! This is YOUR special day You have worked hard. Relax, take some time to just absorb all you have accomplished.

pffffttt on the brothers

Edit: don't forget to treat yourself to a good night's sleep tonight. I will be doing commencement in August in the Park Blocks by the school. Chose that instead of the huge commencement at the Rose Garden. So, I'll be out of school 2 months before I walk
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Congratulations! Lots of calming vibes heading your way.
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Congrats to you on your graduation
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