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New Kitten Woes...

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Well, I blew it. I let my fiancee hold sway with our new kitten and now I am not sure if the damage done is permanent.

Here is what happened. We brought home our new kitty, Noah, an eight week old, to our house. We have an existing cat, Steven, who is 7 months old. As soon as we got home instead of putting the new little one in a room by himself, fiancee brings him right up to Steven for an introduction. Obviously Steven had a fit. Hissing and then ran away. Then over two days fiancee consistently took little Noah out to play with, but almost always in the prescense of Steven, further agitating him. Fiancee is now gone for four days and I am trying to get Noah and Steven back on the proper track of scented introductions, and isolation.

The little Noah mews and mews all day long and this has to be driving Steven crazy. and if I just touch Noah and then come out and touch Steven, he will hiss at my hand. I've never heard Steven grumble and growl like he has either. Even when he is on the third floor, far from the kitty's room, he still walks around looking and sounding angry.

So, how can I rectify this? I have started from scratch trying to follow the suggestions in the behavior section, but I think I need to know something more. But what?
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Hi Snip,

First thing is to calm down the kitty if you can. The crying is further agitating the situation. Try some of the following ideas:

Put some classical music on inside the room where Noah is now. Put it on endless play, and put the sound down low.

Cut down the lighting in the room, either go to a lower wattage or buy a few night lights and use those.

Make sure there is something for Noah to do in there. A small cat post, a cardboard box flipped upside down with holes cut in the sides so he can hop in and out and entertain himself.

Give him toys to play with, and try to go in and see him alone one-on-one as much as you can.

There is a product I just tested recently called Snugglekittie. The manufacturer is offering a 10% discount on this product for our members this month. This snugglekittie could prove invaluable to your right now. There is a link to a review on it at the end of this.

About Steven, you need to just reassure him that he is still special. Play with him, on the floor, one on one, just you and him and an interactive toy.

Use the towel trick and just keep rubbing both the cats with the same towel until finally the smells blend. When I say rub them- I mean only do this three times a day, rubbing both of them only twice in the process.

Feed steven on the other side of the door of the room that Noah is in. Feeed noah as close to the door as you can.

The two cats will adjust, it is unfortunate that your fiancee chose to rush the introductions in that way. But it will work out.

Good luck
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I just looked at this snugglekittie, it looks like a wonderful thing for cats! I will look at ordering it one day for Peedoodle, it might help him when he is in his hyperactive moods and also, I believe, from his behaviour, that he was abandoned so I may just try that out for us.

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