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Good Morning! (daily thread for May 2)

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Good morning, Everyone!

It's a glorious morning in East Tennessee and I just wanted to wish you all a good day! My kitties are still groggy this morning. A couple of them are nearby waiting for me to go make the bed so they can attack the covers! (They know I'm running late this morning.) What fun they are! They certainly start my day with a smile!

Have a good one!
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Good morning to you as well!

It is also a wonderful day here in Toronto, Canada. The temperature started out at 19 degrees celsius and is supposedly going to climb to 26 degrees today. That's a bit hot for us northerners but the office is air conditioned, so we'll manage. I'm not sufficiently alert to make the conversion to Fahrenheit right now, but it's warm.

Have a wonderful day!

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I guess this must be our daily thread for May 3rd

If you don't mind, I'll fix the title so everyone will recognize it... I am glad you started it though...

It's a nice day here - cool and raining. We've had very strange weather lately.

It's a great day for the cats here - no dogs around! Dovik, the stray that we found, went to his new home yesterday and Bambi out dog is at the vet's being spayed. The cats are very happy I can tell you
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the week is halfway over yay!

nothing going on here today. it's beautiful outside but since I work indoors I don't get out much. at least I have windows in my office.

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Thank goodness the week is half over!! It was a pretty hot one here. It was about 80 degrees today. I LOVE the hot weather. I so much missed the sun and heat this winter. I am happy that my day went quick and I think I got most of the necessary stuff out of the way. Now I have to get motivated to clean house tomorrow!!
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Hi everybody!

Busy day here in Florida. A new assistant principal was named for our school today. We got to meet her after school, but we won't see too much of her, as she is about to give birth any second! House is coming along, as mentioned in other thread. I moved a couple of pieces of furniture over tonight, as they are pieces I want to get rid of in the garage sale. The minute furniture began to be moved, Squirt ran into hiding, but Joey, as usual, was smack in the middle of it all. That cat just kills me. Today I have officially heard everything as I read Sandie's post about needing to get MOTIVATED to clean. I thought it came naturally. It's late here once again, so I'll wish everyone a good Thursday.

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It was certainly warm here today - my daughter wanted to jump into our pool - it was over 80! After a long day at work, I adopted out one adult cat, three kittens and preplaced two kittens too young to go to their mom. Donna brought back one of our kitties from a placement that did not work out and she CLEANED SOME OF OUR CAGES for us - it was really nice to come home and have some of them all done. Of course, I had to grovel when asking her if she could help (just kidding). Tomorrow I will not be going to work as I have my first Pet Talk Radio Talk show on a local FM soft rock station - it will be for a half hour. I am really excited - although I have done a lot of television, this will be my first experience with anything live - I have to be careful not to swear and not to make mistakes! Wish me luck. We will have an animal up for adoption and then take callers with cat questions. We will also talk about our sanctuary and our work in general. Right now it will be one show a month, but I hope to someday be the Dr. Laura of the Pet World! I also have another adult going to a home tomorrow and another kitten - also, Michele placed two of her three puppies in the last two days! We are on a roll.
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Well you all sound like you are having great days. I so envy you.

I am teching a Web Design course this week and today there is a guy with a Jackhammer just outside my window and its driving me crazy. I wish I could go home right now

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