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What kind of kitten do I have?

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I'm not sure if this is in the right place or not, so mods, feel free to move it if needed. Thanks!!

I rescued a male kitten a couple weeks back and his color has me completely puzzled. His mother was a Russian Blue and his father was a street cat so we're not sure on all of the genetics in the background....

Here he is. What do you think?

His ears are dark, his tail is dark... his back is a darker color than his stomach and his legs. He has a sort of t-bone mask on his face that's pure white... his stomach and legs are also pure white and he has blue eyes.

His markings have changed since these photos were taken. They're a lot more defined, now. He's really developing some stripes around his eyes. If my camera were co-operating I'd snap a few more but no such luck.
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His markings remind me of a shorthair version of a Ragdoll There has been cases of "white" Russians, which are a blue pointed cat. During WWII the Russian blues were breed to siamese to preserve the breed. Many lines still trace back to those "pointed" carriers and sometimes you get the throwback of a blue point Russian.

I know a breeder on the East Coast that had it happen twice in her RB's - was weird seeing the normal solid blue kittens and one blue point kitten in the litter
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Parents not known hard to to say.. but a DSH aka Moggie.
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Interesting about the white russians!

His markings definitely remind me of a ragdoll/ragamuffin, but he's not long haired like they are... so I'm still stumped.
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Gosh, he's beautiful! But how on earth did a Russian Blue get on the street to mate like that? Some people are very careless. However, you have a wonderful kitten out of it.
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Harry had the same markings as a kitten, and changed the same way. I'm still not sure about him, which is no help; I'm sorry. He's part feral, (mine is, I mean) and I've always suspected some Flame-point Siamese as his markings are reddish.
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Have any pictures of Harry, Lady Jayne?

I have no idea why the Russian Blue was out on the street like that...

The woman I rescued the kitten from had taken the mother in off the street. She was BEAUTIFUL!
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A lot of people mistake solid grey cats as Russian Blues. Unless you know for sure where the cat came from, it was probably just a solid grey cat, not an actual Russian Blue.

GOEGEOUS kitten by the way!
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aww what a sweetheart that kitty is for sure looks like some Siamese in there, but hey ! not that I know anything about breeds - I just love kitties full stop

I have a solid grey cat, Pepsi, and lots of people mistake her for a Russian Blue, but if you check some photos of 'the breed' on the web, you can clearly tell she' not - she just a DSH, and cute too
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The kitten is pointed and white. I.e imagine a siamese coloured cat that has the white markings of a black and white tuxedo cat. That's your kitten.

Pointed cats (with i.e the siamese type markings) are usually born all white, the darker colour is temperature influenced. The cooler areas like the ears and tail and legs get darker as they age and it can take a while for the colour really to come in.

However since your kitten has the white markings on top of the pointed colour his face and legs don't have the characteristic darker colour. He's stunning and he'll only get more pretty as he ages and his pointed colour darkens.
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ADORABLE is what I call him. Sorry, I'm a not help, but I couldn't help but comment, what a cutie!
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Wow! What a sweetheart of a kitten! I think we would all like to see more phots of your little guy! And welcome to
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Originally Posted by lnbandcats View Post
Wow! What a sweetheart of a kitten! I think we would all like to see more phots of your little guy! And welcome to
He is a very pretty kitten
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Gosh, he's beautiful! Just look at that FACE! Begging for love
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An amazing kitten friend.
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What a gorgeous kitten

And his coloring is lilac-point and white.
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i have no idea but i'm in love!!! LOL..
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Well I'd like to add some more pictures, but our camera has died on me... Hopefully I'll be able to afford a new one, soon.

He's really darkened up all over. He has a distinct M on his forehead and he's getting a dark mask. He also has a few rings on his tail... I love him no matter what he is, but he sure is puzzling to me!

EDIT: I have found a few pictures of what he looks like now... except the fact that he still has short fur. Here ya go! He looks a lot like the cat in the first picture, but he has that M marking on his forehead like in the 2nd picture...

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Do you think it's possible that he's just a short haired ragamuffin/ragdoll??
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He might be a 1/2 ragdoll/ragamuffin. Both breeds are longhair and that's recessive. Two longhairs don't make a shorthair. So one of the parents has to be a shorthair
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
He might be a 1/2 ragdoll/ragamuffin. Both breeds are longhair and that's recessive. Two longhairs don't make a shorthair. So one of the parents has to be a shorthair
That's very true, I hadn't thought of that!
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I FINALLY got a new camera and got a new picture of him!! Here he is!

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He's gorgeous

But IMO he doesn't have any Birman, or Ragdoll in him, he would be classified as a domestic shorthair or a siamese mix, blue-lynx tabby and white.

His fur won't get any longer, darker probably, but not longer.
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*has just keeled over from the cuteness*
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My guess also is a lynx point siamese mix. I have also heard them referred to as "snow tigers". Coool, huh!?
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he is beautiful~thats what he is!!!
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Thanks everyone.

We picked up a cat breed book and he really looks like a snowshoe to me...

He's awesome but I just have no idea what he is LOL
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He is absolutely gorgeous! Just wanted to chime in
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Mabye its my eyes but could it be lilac and not white?

Cool kitty though!
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i have no clue what breed he is but I do know that he is GORGEOUS!!!
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