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Pick a favorite please!

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These are the 4 kittens we'll be showing at the Raleigh show in July. Based on what you know about the breed standard, or just what you like about the bengal breed, pick your favorite out of the group.

Basically if you had to show just one, which would you choose to show? You can also tell me why if you like.

Don't worry about hurting my feelings, these are all kittens from my breedings and I have a favorite to win as well! And, don't worry, I won't share the results with the kittens. 3 of these guys are from the same litter.

After the show in July, I will post the results of what the judges thought.

Thanks in advance for playing, I'm looking foward to the responses.

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I don't know anything about the bengal standard but I picked Cypress because the eyes grab my attention. But I do also like the darkness of Sierra.
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Originally Posted by kitytize View Post
I don't know anything about the bengal standard but I picked Cypress because the eyes grab my attention.
Thats the one I chose as well, even tho they are all gorgeous!
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Originally Posted by kitytize View Post
I don't know anything about the bengal standard but I picked Cypress because the eyes grab my attention. But I do also like the darkness of Sierra.
I agree! That was a VERY hard choice.... all of them are so beautiful. I went with Cypress because of the intriguing markings, but it was a very tough decision!!!
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Having handled only a few Bengals in my life (and that all in in the last year alone), I voted for Sierra. IMO she has the best color and markings, really nice head and ears... of course, I'm no judge!!!
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I voted for Jasper but either Jasper or Sierra .. the other two are cute also
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OK, Cypress is the one I chose because there are no rib bars at all, although I think the others have better "goggles." And Cypress has those arrowhead spots that folks love so much.

I do think that Jasper and Tuscany have "wilder" faces, though.

How's that - am I showing that I have any sort of a clue about Bengals?
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my number one vote is for Cypress. I love what I think is called the "rosettes" instead of just spots. Also I have read about the breeders here talking about
"rib bars" and Cypress looks to me to be the only one that doesn't have this feature.

I am not sure of what the head standards call for, other than large round eyes.
I like the shape of Cypress's head the best, but that is just personal preference.

My second favorite would be Tuscany, but for some reason the underbelly area looks to light/white to me. I think nice face and head, very pretty markings, but a little bit of what I would call a "rib bar".

I am not a bengal judge, I don't have bengal kitties, and the only thing I know about the standards is from what I have read here. What I think is a "rib bar" may not even be one, LOL. But I love to learn so I am hoping to get a good critique of my opinion ( or a shredding, LOL)

As a side note, I think Jasper and Tuscany are from the same litter. I can't decide on though if Sierra or Cypress goes with them. I will pick Sierra though.

Ok my blabbering is done
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Ok I'm going with Sierra as 1st - like her head, ears, body and color the best in the group.

Cypress and Tuscany will probably split as 2nd best of breed - I like Tus' head and ears and Cypress' body.

But since I can't "feel" them, see how close I am of choosing. Jasper is nice, but don't like his ears (too pointed) or set. Like his markings tho
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Tuscany! Love the spotting on her shoulder.

But really all of them are gorgeous!!
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I went with Tuscany. On his belly seemed whiter. I wondered if he was the one from a different litter and the different age made his coat different or some thing. I liked him though so I voted for him.
Before the show, I would like to know which one you think will do the best. And why?Mabey?
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If I had to pick one I wouldn't show Jasper or Sierre purely because of the dreaded ribstripes. However I love Sierra's spots and look (what me liking the more rufoused of the bengals, never!) and her inky black spots are just stunning. Also because of the high rufous startring to show there's no whited tummy.

Anyway I would show Tuscany, great whited tummy so far (crossing my fingers for it to stick), horizontal flow on the spots, some rosettas. Gorgeous shoulder markings and a great face along with good ears. Great "glasses" as well. The spots are smaller and not as painted on dramatic as on some cats but I don't remember it saying anywhere in the bengal standard that the cats needed to have huge donut rosettas.

So yeah to show I'd pick Tuscany, if I were picking a kitten to have as a pet I'd probably go for Sierra. Not that Nikita would ever let me add a cat to my household.
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I like Cypress. The spots are more "uniform" & just look better. Eyes seem a little more distinctive....
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There all so Beautiful Wow, But I think I like Cypress
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I love Tuscany's spots. I like how they are multi-color but still connected. Her face is cute but not wild looking. IMO. Which is by no means expert.

Cypress has beautiful markings as well and has the dark whiskers pads which I just love.

This is were I totally went from the heart and to heck with what is right.
Sierra's coloring is my absolute favorite. She reminds me of Takoda except with spots. I don't care about her rib-bar and who says white belly's are needed to win.

Sorry Nial I just couldn't choose! I would leave today if I could grab Sierra from you!
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I picked Sierra because of her coloring. I have no idea what the standard is or what judges tend to prefer though and they are all beautiful.
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It was a really hard choice!!!! I had to choose between Sierra and Tuscany. I LOVE Sierra's coloring, but it was very yellow compaired to the others, not sure what color you really want for this breed. But I abosolutely LOVE Tuscany's overall look. Tuscany has a GREAT face and body shape I just love it! Tuscany also has very pretty markings.

Also, now that I look back, Tuscany has great definition to her spots. Out of the four kittens you can really tell where each color ends and a new color starts.
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Brown colors vary within the breed - there is no right or wrong shade of brown

From the ACFA standards:

Brown Tabby: All variations are allowed; however, a high degree of rufinism, yielding a yellow, buff, tan, golden, or orange ground color is preferred. Markings may be virtually black, brown, tan, or various shades of brown. Light spectacles encircling the eyes and a virtual white ground color on the whisker pads, chin, chest, belly and inner legs [in contrast to the ground color of the flank and back] is desirable. *Rims of eyes, lips, and nose should be outlined with black, and center of nose should be brick red. Paw pads and tail tip must be black. Eye color: Gold to Green.
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I have no idea what the breeds standards are, but as far as what was pleasing to my eye, I choose Tuscany, I love the white of his chest in contrast to his coat, his spots seem darker than the others and certainaly have a different look to them. Out of all of them "to me" he has the best look.

Of course I am no "breed standard judge"

But out of the group, based on appearences, I like him best
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Breed standard is Greek to me, but adorable kitty is not. Tuscany stole my heart from the get-go.
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tuscany was my choice because overall from what i can tell of the breed the standard tuscany's face was the closest to matching it. Shrug but let us know which one was the best Nial ^__^.
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I picked Sierra, based on face alone. I love that face. Very wild looking eyes. If I were buying, I go with Sierra.

I guess for Show, I'd go with Cypress
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I like Cypress, no real reason
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I voted for Cypress, but I them all.
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aw well they are all stunning

I voted for Sierra, simply because of the deeper colouring
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I just cant choose THey are all soo GORGEOUS, and each has their own pros

I guess i am not much help
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I think they all look awesome, I like Sierra alot. But too me they all look to domesticated, no offense.
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Originally Posted by Roimata View Post
I think they all look awesome, I like Sierra alot. But too me they all look to domesticated, no offense.
None taken, but honestly that's the first time in 10 years I've ever heard anyone say that about my cats. Remember, these are just 3 month old kittens, they're supposed to still look cute.
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I don't think they look too domesticated. I think they're perfect examples of Bengal kittens, and actually upon a second look I think my vote for which one to show has changed to Tuscany.
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They're all gorgeous, but I voted for Jasper, I love the way their face looks.
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