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My mom got a kitten

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My mom just told me yesterday she got a kitten

This guy she met that did some work for her landlord has four cats (all unfixed) and one of them had kittens. He brought them over to see if she wanted one and being the sucker that she is she took one.
A little female kitten that is only six weeks old.

She has already called me today and wants to borrow one of my larger cat carriers. She is now afraid her 2 year old male cat is going to hurt the baby. She said at first he kept his distance but now she says that Tigger is "looking at the kitten like a mouse". She wants to lock it up in the carrier at night or if she takes a nap so she knows that Tigger can't get to it. She is hoping that if she does this that Tigger will "take a good sniff and realize the kitten is a kitten and not a mouse" I guess she has put her in the bathroom to keep them seperate for now but she says that is not easy as her door is kinds funky and if the cat or dog work at it enough it will open.

I found Tigger on petfinder back in November 2006. Her previous cat had died several months before and I know she was getting lonely wanting another one. She kept talking about getting a kitten and I didn't really think she could handle one. She is disabled and does not get around very well. I was worried about her stepping on it or the kitten darting in front of her and her losing her balance and falling. At least with a cat it is larger and she would be more inclinded to see it walking in front of her.

Tigger is also two years old so a lot of the kitten rage is gone. He was also neutered and declawed on all four paws which I don't agree with declawing but he came that way and since he was going to be an inside only cat it would work out great. So far Tigger has adjusted very well. He is a real sweetheart and he gets along very well with her dog.

Well know she has this kitten that I know she does not have the energy, space or the time for. I am sure once she gets old enough I will have to pay to have to spayed since my mom is on a fixed income. She was never responsible about getting her animals fixed. I have not always been the best either but I have learned and now have all my animals (well except the birds and the turtle) spayed or neutered.

I just wish she had not taken this kitten. I know she gave an unwanted animal a home but she needs to think of her health too. I really hope this kitten can integrate well into her apartment. I am really worried about it. My mom has had many cats and she knows that kittens are bundles of energy but it has been a very long time since she has had a kitten and I don't think she is thinking about all the trouble they can get into.

I dunno. I guess I am just venting. I can't say anything to her. I know she will get defensive and angry. All I can do it try and help as much as I can.

I am leaving work soon to go and get the carrier and take it too her. Hopefully we can get it setup in a good place so the kitten can at least have a good view of the apartment. I just feel sad about leaving it in the carrier all night long and for several hours during the day while she naps. It seems so unfair to her. I know my mom is thinking of her safety but I wish would have thought about that before hand that she does not have the space for a little kitten right now.
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Things will be OK I promise. If you ever need to talk just PM me My mom is disabled as well, and I can some what relate to their stubbornness!
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