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Zorro going to vet in a few hours

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Well, I got paid early for some reason, so now I have the money to take Zorro in and get that infection in his foot looked after. I called his regular doctor, but they said that he was out of town today. That's somewhat disappointing since I don't like going to another doctor. Last time I took him to another doctor they almost crippled him for life (it wasn't their fault, they just didn't know him). The doctor was really good, and I don't blame her at all for what happened earlier, i now just know to really let the vets know what his history has been and everything. I'm taking him to the same place today, although the original doctor I saw isn't in today (which is too bad since Zorro really liked her and he HATES vets). I'm a little skeptical, but I figure they can't really mess up giving him antibiotics for an infection can they? Last time it was a little more serious and life threatening.
Anyways, wish me luck and I'll let you all know how it goes.
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Good luck at the vets!! New vets can really make you nervous...but I'm sure everything will go just fine.
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I send hugs to you and to Zorro! I will be praying that all goes well.
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Sending may it be a easy visit vibes
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Well, I didn't much like this other vet. He didn't seem interested in Zorro at all and didn't even seem to want to touch him.
He did say that it was infected very badly and that its very deep into the socket (he said it may even have spread to the bone). He gave me some clavamox to give him (1 tablet twice a day for 10 days). He said that there might be something stuck up high in the nail socket, and if that's the case, the antibiotics either won't help, or it will heal, but then come back. If that's the case, he said it may be necessary to remove the nail (de-claw that finger). I'm not too worried if that needs to be done though since it is the thumb so its one of the best ones that this could have happened to. De-clawing that finger shouldn't bother his litterbox habits since he doesn't walk on it, it shouldn't cause arthritis since no pressure is applied to that area, and he can still scratch and use his nails.
He also told me to switch his litter to yesterdays news, which some people have mentioned to me already. I don't really want to do that, but I'm going to have to do whats best for him and hopefully he'll like this new stuff. He said I only need to use it for a week, so thats not too bad.
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I just got him some yesterdays news, and a sock for him to wear until it clears up a bit. He doesn't seem to like the yesterdays news, but I'm hoping that if he really needs to go, he'll use it whether he likes it or not (he knows its his litterpan, and I let him watch me change it over to yesterdays news so he wouldn't be confused)
Havn't put the sock on yet. I'll probably do that right before I go to bed. I know he won't like me for that, but oh well.
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Good luck with him. I sure hope the pills help. Could he have got some litter up there? Just a guess. Give him smooches from me and tell him to feel better soon.

I'm sorry you didn't like the vet. That doesn't help much.
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The vet does think that he may have gotten a piece of litter up there and thats where the infection is coming from, since there's no evidence of a cut at all. I really hope the meds work cause I would hate to have them remove the claw. I know that can be quite painful.
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