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KatKwiz #53 - and still counting!

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Name five breeds of cats whose breed name indicates their real or assumed geographic origins
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1. Scottish Fold Cats
2. Norwegian Forest Cat
3. British Shorthair Cats
4. Himalayan Cats
5. Persian Cats
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American Bobtail
Egyptian Mau
Russian Blue
Norwegian Forest Cat
Turkish Angora
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Maine Coon
Scottish Fold
Norwegian Forest
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Just to add on to the list above:

American Shorthairs
Japanese Bobtail
Turkish Van
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Five more:
1. American Curl
2. Birman
3. Burmese
4. California Spangled Cat
5. Cornish Rex
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Persi would like to point out that he is Himalayan. The place to start in answering this question is of course to click on Cat Breeds. You will find a short list of breeds there, including the Himalayan. If you read the history of the Himalayan you will see that the word Himalayan has nothing to do with its place of origin. One story has it that is was named a Himalayan because it had the color of a Himalayan goat or sheep. Other stories abound. And here is what Persi says about it. Regarding the other answers: I also PMd Abymummy about this matter and here is what she had to say:

In this respect, you are correct. Himalayans did NOT originate from the Himalayas. 99% of all pointed cats are of Oriental Ancestry. However, it is largely assumed that there is some form of LH cat that comes from the Himalayas.
If it were down to me, I would let not award the points BUT clarify that Himis did NOT originate from the Himalayas but are actually a created breed.

I can't remember what the 2nd reply was but I think it should go to the one that didn't answer Himalayans. However, should the correct person be me, choose the next best person.
So answers 1 and 3 are incorrect.

And now for the other answers:

A couple of weeks ago the format was changed for KatKwiz questions and it was no longer necessary to supply how you found the answer when you answered. Everybody I have heard from on the matter thought that was a good move. However, the rules still stated that you must find your information on The Cat Site, because that was the whole idea behind KatKwiz is to get people to finding info on, and using The Cat Site. So when the rules were changed, the new rules were also reworded to say that at times a person may be asked to prove they got the information off of The Cat Site.

Each of the other contestants were PMd yesterday (except Abymummy because she was serving as an advisor), and asked to show where on The Cat Site they found their information but none were able to do so. But the information, just exactly as asked, IS on The Cat Site. The reason for the PMs this time were to clarify that these breed names had not just been guessed or looked up by other means because the purpose of KatKwiz is to get every answer from The Cat Site. In some cases, all of the answers given were correct, but we just want you to learn to use The Cat Site for answers used on KatKwiz. If you ever note some wrong information on The Cat Site, tell me or the moderators immediately and it will be fixed.

The place to start of course is to click on Cat Breeds. You are presented with a short, albeit incomplete list of cat breeds. You could click through all of these breeds to see if you could come up with five that were named after their origin or you could have went directly to About Breeding Cats, where in the very first paragraph you find this:

The names of the different breeds, such as Persian, Siamese, Balinese, Abyssinian, and Somali, indicate their real or assumed geographic origins.

You could have just pasted that in as your answer and won the points.

Note that the wording of the answer is exactly as was asked including the "real or assumed" part of the question. The wording "such as" indicates there are others that you could have researched on The Cat Site, but this is the simplest, most direct route you could have taken, and I did PM each answer to see if they found wording on The Cat Site that would prove their answers as does this sentence prove the answer for these five breeds.

All questions used on KatKwiz can be found on The Cat Site and from time to time answers will be checked as they were today. Please get your information directly from The Cat Site. This information was only two clicks away...
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