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Smelly Rear End

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I've noticed lately that 9-week-old Zoe has a smelly rear end... Not terrible, but when she gets all cuddly with you, if it's close enough you can sure smell it. It's clean, looks completely normal, and Bobby (momma) washes it of course. What should I do to cure her smelly bottom?
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Since she is only 9 weeks it probably isn't an anal glad problem. You can wash her rear end with dawn soap or a baby shampoo. She probably just isn't cleaning it as well as other cats do. She may be gassy, i have noticed kittens are a lot more farty then adults are
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I'll dilute some dawn soap and gently wash it whenever it gets smelly. She is a little gassy, I've noticed that. Thanks for the response, I'll try the soap!
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What kind of food are you feeding her? Has she been checked for worms?
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We call that "a$$ grease" at our house. We found that giving a high fiber food will control that as the anal glands will get fully expressed with a larger diameter stool and will solve the problem. I doubt washing the kitten's bottom will fix anything.
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She was being fed Purina Kitten Chow, until yesterday when I started her on Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care Kitten as well as some Nutro Adult Canned. I will begin feeding her Natural Balance All Age canned this coming week, since Nutro Kitten Canned was on the recalls. What should I feed for high-protein to help the smell? Should it be a snack, supplementary canned, or complete diet?
She has not been checked for worms yet but will in late-June/early-July when she goes in to get fixed and vaccinated.
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