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I just came from our local library's annual book sale (I work right across from the main branch downtown). It was madhouse, like a mall at Xmas time. Today is the last day and they have deal where you can buy a bag(s) for $5 and fill it with books. I came away with two bags full of mysteries and true crime, along with several cookbooks. I can't wait to get home and start reading!
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Oh!!!! I get all excited with the term booksale! My most fav thing to buy are books!!!
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That's great Eileen!
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What a wonderful day!

I remember a used book store that used to sell books by the pound. It was a great thing.
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Oh gosh... I was just reading a post about chocolate, but this is even better!
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Nothing like sitting down with a good book! I love book sales too, but I don't usually attend the ones at the library because they are the recipients of any books that I read, so if I bought them from them, I'd have no where to take the ones I've read, hehe

I love a good mystery book. Can you share some of the authors and titles? Also, what kind of cook books? General or special nationality ones?
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Wow, good deal Eileen
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Very good deal!! Now how long will it take you to read these???
I attend the AAUW annual book sale in October. I go the 1st day when they are $1/book. The last day they are $5/bag but what is left I've either read, don't want to read or Harlequin Romance books!!
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What a great deal. I'm sorry my book wasn't there for you.
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BONANZA!!! That sounds like a steal, Eileen. Happy reading!
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I just love library booksales! I went to one in March or April and came back with a bunch. I wish I lived closer to the library as well
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I love those kinda sales. My old church used to have a rummage sale every year and on the last day you could stuff bags full..I always went for the books.
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Wow! Thats an amazing deal!! Enjoy all your books!
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Sounds like fun!
And thank you for reminding me - I have a book due back!
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I have never been to a library book sale, but we have a great book exchange here. You get credits based on the cover price of the ones you bring in to trade. I buy any books with a high cover price I can find at yard sales, even if I won't read them. Then I trade them in for books I want.
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I can't resist books! The funny thing is, I work in a library, and STILL can't get enough of 'em! In fact, after dinner tonight, H and I are going to have a kinky, wild evening: sitting in the Barnes & Noble cafe, sipping tea, and perusing books...I know, we're pathetic...

Love a good booksale!!!

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If you like to swap books this place here is a great place Paperback Swap I have been doing it a few weeks now and I LOVE IT
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