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need some advice

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I have had bad stomache ache for 3 days now. Its on my lower right side. I used to get them a lot and I have had 2 scopes done that havent shown up anything.
The pain is making me bend over it hurts so bad. I really dont want to go back to the er and im thinking if it was something bad after 3 days id know by now.
Anyone else have this problem or have any ideas. I havent been able to eat since yesterday morning and even them it seemed to make it worse.
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Do you still have your appendix? Do you have diarreha? Is it the same as the pain you had before or different? If the pain has been that bad for so long I would go and get it checked out.
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yes and yes. i still have my appendix and I have had diarreha since yesterday not major bad but im usually the oposite.
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Stomach pain on your lower right side combined with loss of apetite suggests appendicitis. Do you have a fever? Go to the ER. An inflamed appendix is potentially fatal without treatment. If it isn't your appendix, good, but if it IS and you don't go.......

Even if it feels better, still go. The sign that your appendix has burst and dumped toxins into your bloodstream is, ironically, a reduction in pain.

Hope the ER can help you out!
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Yep, yep, yep, sounds like appendicitis to me too. Better go and get that looked at pronto ... I'm talking Emergency Room, because if it bursts you will die from poisoning. It's a minor operation to have it taken out, but keeping it in and having it burst is not a minor thing, it's very very serious to the point of being deadly.
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But isnt 3 days a little long for it to be appendix? I just dont want to go out and they tell me nothing is wrong. The one dr that did my scopes thought for sure i had chrones but nothing showed up and he said he was very surprised so I dont know if its my normal stomache issues although the pain dont usually last more then a few hours at a time. Not 3 days.
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It does sound like your appendix, it would be a good idea to have it checked out. I had mine out several years ago, the surgery is not to difficult and you recover very quickly as long as there are no complications. If you leave it to long and it ruptures that's a whole different matter. Even if it isn't your appendix going to the doctor and finding out for sure is the best idea for your own peace of mind.
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I swear, you're as bad as my Daddy. Just GO. You'd rather go with just a hunch and have them tell you it's something you ate, than not go and die. Please, go!
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Originally Posted by april31 View Post
But isnt 3 days a little long for it to be appendix?
My mum had what they called "grumbling" appendix for over 30 years but they never took hers out. I never had any problems with mine until i woke up one night with the pain at the front of my stomach then it moved over to the right hand side and they took mine out straight away because it was ready to burst.

I've got a follicle cysts on my right ovary that aches now and again, but that's normal and nothing as painful.

I would go back to the docs just to have another look.
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So did you go? Are you okay?
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I didnt go. I am so bad about going to the dr. Im guessing it was just my norm stomache problems. I can go days feeling ok then days with horible stomache aches.
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I agree with the appendicitis!!! Go to the doctor!! Maybe at least see your PCP tomorrow....

Not trying to yell, just want you to be safe.
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It could also be your gall bladder. Do you have any pain in your lower back?
I wouldn't take a chance of it being your appendix though. An ultra sound would rule that out (also when they touch your abdomen).
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