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It's an old question-peeing:((

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I'm new here and I read lots of posts from you all. My Baby Winky has never had a "peeing problem"-she's 2 now..I was away for a few days and I could almost swear I smelled "it" in my bathroom....I picked up one of the carpets and sure enough, it smelled like it. I scrubbed it in the shower and thought maybe it was something the maid used(wishful thinking). 2 days later...I must be going nuts because I'm sitting in my room and again, I can swear I smell "it". I don't know where...no laundry out...Anybody out there from Miami Beach that can advise of a vet (to rule out a UTI), as I just relocated? She never goes outside, no other cats, do the litter once or twice a day, litter is the same, good spot, etc. I don't even "know" if she's peeing, I'd have to get down on all fours and sniff the whole carpet in my room (it's very large)...Any ideas guys?
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If you just relocated recently she could just be stressed out. I don't have any vet recomendations but I do have other suggestions. First, get some Feliaway (either the diffuser or the spray) and use it! If it's stress this will help calm her down. Next, you must get rid of all evidence and odor to keep her from going back. If you can't find the offending area use a black light. You can buy a bulb for about $5, then turn off all the lights and go around with the light focusing on areas near walls and corners as that is the most likely place for a cat to potty. Once you've found the spot you'll need to clean it with an enzyme cleaner ro something that will get rid of the smell to your cat. I use a mix of peroxide (8oz.), baking soda (1 tsp.) and dish soap(1 drop) just know that this mix WILL foam up... that means it's working. If all else fails you can try vodka... that has worked for me.Their sense of smell is much keener than our own. I'll actually get down on the floor and stick my nose right in it to see if I can smell anything. Also, to keep her away from it while your treating the area you might cover it with tinfoil or put some type of citrus air freshner on or very near the area. Bot should act as a deterant to your cat. The citrus works for Frankie (she just started peeing on the tin foil). You might also consider adding a second litter box with different litter to see if maybe her preferance for litter or location have changed with the move.

Just remember that your not alone in this. I had problems with Frankie for YEARS and she still has out of box experiences but now she pees on the box instead of in it and I can live with that buy putting paper down and changing it daily. At least she's not peeing on my floors anymore.

Good Luck!
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twstychik already gave you some great advice. I second the black light. It's a very useful tool!

Also, "No Mark" spray works on the same principle as Feliway and it works. I have had great success with it. I got it at Petsmart...very economical and effective.
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Oh, I just remembered another trick for introducing new cats... the vanilla trick. Actually, I wonder if it might not help my two even though they've been together for a few years.

The general idea is that by dabbing some vanilla extract (like the stuff you bake with) under both cats chin and on their back at the base of their tail they will smell the same and this could reduce the terratorial fighting going on.
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