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Does your cat get an annual fecal check?

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Hey guys, I'm wondering if you find it necessary or if your recommends annual fecal checks for your cat/cats. My vet has started to push this within in the past few months when cats are brought in for their annual exams. She didn't previously. Obviously, I'll do what's best for my cats, but I do question whether it's necessary for cats that are indoor only, like mine, and don't have any issues with their stools. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Have you asked her why she's just now pushing fecal checks? I've never head of this as part of an annual exam. The only time I've been asked to bring a stool sample is when the cat has been (or has thought to have been) ill.
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I would think it is a great thing to do regularly/yearly. So many people have pets with worms and they don't even know it. All it takes is to ingest one little flea and the cat could easily get tapeworm. You can bring in fleas on your clothing and from other pets like dogs. The one vet here doesn't even do the fecal, he just routinely deworms all cats whenever they come in to the clinic.

You won't always visually be able to tell that they have worms.
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No, my vet doesn't ask for fecal samples for annual checkups for my indoor kitty. I'm okay with that. This really seems to vary from vet to vet.
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I too think it is a good idea.... My vet doesnt worm aunually so it would be a great way to catch a smaller issue sooner
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My vet always asks for a fecal sample at the annual exams. If the cat hasn't cooperated in providing one they don't push the issue. All my cats are totally indoor so I don't worry much about parasites.
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I've had enough experience to know if my cats have bowel problems or worms, etc. Since they were clean from birth, never outside cats, don't have fleas - its a waste of my money to do routine checks.

I USED to have it done on my rex kittens; even tho mom never had worms of any kind. After faithfully letting the vet check the litter of kittens at first shot time and always coming up negative (which I knew), after the 2nd litter, I would not do it as a routine.
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