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the Daily Thread TGIF!!!! 6-8

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It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morning all!

Hot and steamy here again today, but at least I have some air conditioning at work. Fans too.

Looks like an EXCELLENT holiday today! I'll have some chocolate please....

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Ummm, Its Friday!! That makes me very excited

Ew, I just watched on the news a man in China got hit by a bus...he was okay. It was strange that they showed him getting hit

Oops, sorry got sidetracked...

I hope you all have a great day!
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I've just put the nose bag on and it's lovely

I've got 4 plants to go in the garden, but i'll do those tomorrow afternoon after i've been to get the rug cut.

I love the weekends
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post

Ummm, Its Friday!! That makes me very excited

Ew, I just watched on the news a man in China got hit by a bus...he was okay. It was strange that they showed him getting hit

Oops, sorry got sidetracked...

I hope you all have a great day!
That iiiisss wierd! Gosh, I don't even think they're supposed to do that.

Only thing that made me sick on the news today, was this lady left her 2 kids (ages 1 and 3) in the car, while she went shopping. For a half hour. It's Florida. It's hot. And you have babies, what the heck is wrong with you. Luckily, another lady seen what was happening, and stayed with the kids. They are ok, but usually those stories end so tragically.

BUT! WOOOO HOOO it's Ice cream day! Hoooray! My favorite day! But I'm not going to eat any. Nope nope. I've lost 3 lbs (in less than a week) on my "bringin' sexy back" expedition. But maaan, my body hurts. But it's a good hurt.

Today I've got to get a FATHER'S DAY card, and get it all ready to send out. It's wierd being so far away from family, because I have to send everything now. But that's kinda fun anyway. My daughter & I like decorating stuff. Who doesnt?

Hope you all have a splendous day, I'm going to go dip in a bath of aloe for my lobster body. I got sooo sunburnt yesterday.
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good morning

my first TGIF in years! Fridays rule!!

Today will be hot and humid, I have bad cramps and I have to go to work... but still.... it's FRIDAY!
I got my first paycheck yesterday.

Things will be insane in town this weekend because of the Grand Prix. I was downtown yesterday and I could barely make my way through the crowd. So I think I'll avoid the downtown area this weekend.
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Got some chocolate chip in the freezer and some Magic Shell topping...

Not much planned. Supposed to rain. I'll believe it when I see it.
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Hey all,

Maybe if it isn't storming by lunch I'll go to the DQ and get a blizzard - gonna be a hot and stormy day today.

I am so ready to go home already - I am feeling really blue and down today.

Hope you all are having a better day then I am.
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Um, I jumped the gun a bit early for the ice cream day...I had some last night after work and it was yummmmy!.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday.
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Mmmm ice cream day! Maybe I'll convince John to take me to Coldstone tonigth when were out shopping!

Just another working day here, its nice and cool today - only 68* for a high, I love it

Hope you all have a spendid day!
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It's a hot one today! I had the most horrible dream about Molly & her throwing up white liquid. When I got out of bed today I found vomit & a hairball in this HUGE pile by the sofa. Weird?!

I have Vanilla Bean ice cream & Hot Fudge!!!

Have a good day everyone.
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Just stopping home for a few minutes while the light rain passes.
Very cool so far-only 63F (17C) right now and breezy.
Have a bit of an upset stomach but only have a couple more hours of work to do so I will suck it up and relax this afternoon.
Perhaps buying some ice cream will make me feel better!!

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It is going to be a hot one today.
My daughter comes home from camp this afternoon, cant wait
I plan on sleeping in this weekend

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Supposed to be a scorcher here today

I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, so even though those are never fun, at least I get to leave work early!
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Very hot and humid here today...I am jealous of all you people who have the weekend off. I will be heading off to work in about an hour, and am hoping for a quiet day, the key word is hoping--Friday's are never quiet--
The kitties are on a Great White Moth Hunt right now, Linus caught one earlier and since then has been scouting the house in search of others. Sassy I think is just following him around thinking what the (*)*&*( is he looking for.
It was quite funny when he caught the first one, he jumped straight up and grabbed it out of the air. It would have been quite impressive if he hadn't landed in his water dish when he came down. It is hard to be dignified with a wet foot...
It was hilarious, of coarse I laughed and got the evil eye for being amused.

Anyway HAPPY FRIDAY everyone.
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Good Morning Everyone! Just another day at work....

It's Friday! (Finally)

I'm just counting down by the minute until 5:00PM... can't wait to get off work!

Hope everyone has a GRRRRRRRRRRREAT Weekend!
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Hey ya'll! Happy Ice Cream Day!

This weekend I WILL get my laundry done! I am sick of having to wedge a sock in the closet door so I can shut it, and when I open it having an avalanche! It doesn't help that when I cleaned my room I tossed shoes, boxes, and miscellaneous items carelessly into the closet. I squealed when a hardback book fell from the closet shelf and smack-dab on my head and woke poor Zoe from her doze after playing for an hour this morning. She was a little cranky after that.
No icecream in the house! *gasp* That's a first! But I have a frozen Special Dark Hershey's bar in the freezer and a container of chocolate frosting accompanied by a plastic spoon!
It's cold here today, about 64! This weekend I also plan on giving Zoe and Tucker baths... Wish me luck!
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Yay, I think I'll take myself down to Sonic and get some slushies after we get the chores done. I have to have the house clean for our guests this weekend. It's my best friend's birthday and she's coming to visit. Then mother and I are cementing the posts for the remaining part of the fence we're putting up tomorrow.

Hooray, no more stray dogs after tomorrow!
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