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Nikita videos

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I've got a fair few videos with Nikita in now and wanted to share a few.

In this one here I'm just having a chilled out play with her clawsies.


Here she's being an "attack cat" bunny kicking my well armoured hand. I know you're not supposed to play with your cat with hands but she knows the difference between my hands normally and my hands when the leather glove and more protection goes on and never goes after my bare hands. She's an only cat and sometimes needs to let out steam. It works really well for both of us.

Oh and there's the f word a few times in the lyrics so if that sort of things bothers you you can juse mute the video, anyway enough talk:


..and in a contrast to the last one here's a lovebug one, Nikita being cuddly and sweet


And then here she is playing a bit and being bored. I.e meowing at me.


I hope you'll enjoy these
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aww I really enjoyed those vids, you certainly get to see her is all her various moods.

I love to play with kitties paws, but only Pepsi and Teddy will let me do that, without digging claws in. Moofs just pulls her paw away and Dino attacks me

That one of her getting her tummy tickled was so sweet she was certainly enjoying every moment of that

The attack one, you were getting some serious bunny kicks there so funny

Thanks - as I mentioned I really enjoyed those
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Terrific video!!

Takoda came to over to check out the Meow video. He had to check out the new cat.

Of course my boys loved the Attack video. Boys will be boys.

Nikita is such a beautiful girl!
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Aw Nikita is such a lovely girl...... I loved hearing her meow. My favorite was her "cuddles" video, that was just way too sweet!
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Great vids! So cute.
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