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Siege of the Incessant Night Warblers

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It started with just one bird, a few months ago. That I could handle.

But soon it was two, three, ten... and now there's a whole flock of birds living in the crepe myrtles outside my bedroom window. And for reasons I cannot fathom, they sing all. Night. Long.

I have no idea what kind of birds these are, but I suspect we have more than one feather flocking together, because there are so many different calls:

First, we have the nostalgic Telephone Bird, who sounds exactly like a pre-digital telephone ring.

There's also a Cool Dude Bird, who is always pronouncing something "Swwweeeeeeeeeeeet!"

The FedEx Bird is constantly urging, "Hurryup, hurryup, hurryup -- chop-chop!"

And the Domino Bird calls to order a "Piiiiiizza, piiiiiizza, piiiiiizza."

I have nothing at all against birds. On the other side of the house, I even installed a birdfeeder. In daytime, I find birdsong absolutely delightful. But for the luvvagod, why do they sing at night? AUGH!

Any ideas? Any suggestions (that don't involve weaponry)? I'm at my wit's end here, and on top of everything else, I saw a news story tonight that said lack of sleep can cause you to gain weight! THIS I DO NOT NEED!

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I can relate. Your descriptions were cracking me up! In fact, on our local news just had a story a week or so ago about why song birds sing at night in the city... they used to think it was because of the city lights, but now they believe it is due to city noise. Some songbirds prefer to hear their own voice over the white noise of the city.

Since I have birds myself, I can tell you that my birds get noisier the noisier the house gets. I think there may be something to it... unless you live in the country, and it is quiet... then nevermind. I guess there's nothing you can do except move. You'll get used to it though.
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LOL, I've got to check in the birdbook to see what a FedEx bird and a Domino bird look like! Since you've analyzed their bird language I am assuming this has kept you awake many nights. All you need now is a Whip-poor-will and a shreek owl and you'll have a whole orchestra! I have no idea how to get rid of them except maybe feeding any stray cats under the tree. That might get rid of them.

Maybe earplugs, the soft foam ones, will help?
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We have mocking birds that chatter at night. Luckily they're not too loud.
Now if I could get the darn things to stop diving at me when I'm outside. They see me feed cats and so I guess I'm on the birds' hit list.
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We have a flock of wild parrots that seem to think night time is the best time to start talking. The funny thing is some of them are escaped pets that know how to talk every once and a while you will hear the sqawk of hello and pretty bird. Freaked us out the first time. Now we just fiqure they are all insomniacs and don't realize its 2 in the morning.
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Oh man! I can relate to that! I live on the bank of a river and there are tons of birds. In the spring we have geese and ducks and those geese are so loud and contrary to belief, they don't seem to like to sleep!!!

Plus there are some other birds that don't like to sleep either. It drives me crazy to hear them all night and all day. I swear they take turns and sleep in shifts, LOL
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The birds at our house start about 3:30 -4:00 am. And you get it all night? Yikes - I'm sorry.
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I'll trade you for the neighborhood feral male peacock-he never shut's up!!
The birds seem to start chirping when the sun rises-I put another pillow over my head it works well to block their singing (except for the peacock).
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Some years ago Mom couldn't sleep, so she went into the bathroom, turned on the light and started to read. Unfortunately she woke up the cardinal in the tree by the bathroom and he woke me up!

Then there was the night I had my window open and I was listening to the night noises including the whip-poor-will calling at the edge of the woods behind me (about a quarter mile). I was almost asleep when I remembered I had to get something ready for the next day. I turned on the light, got the thing ready, and was about to turn out the light when whip-poor-will sounded off right outside my window! Almost had to scrape me off the ceiling.
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