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Kitten Questions

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I just recently adopted a kitten from the local animal shelter. After seeing the environment that these poor babies live in I can understand why they are all sick. I picked up my kitty Monday after he had been neutered and took him straight to the vet. He has a upper respiratory infection and an ear infection. I am keeping him isolated from my other cat (even though I feel bad leaving him in a room by himself). I guess its better than living in that cage right? Anyway, I just started giving him antiobiotics for both infections and was wondering, are the chances pretty good that he will recover from this? He is very playful and affectionate and he is eating like a little piggy and drinking water which is a good sign.

Anyone have any experiences with these conditions, I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
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I'm not a vet, and don't claim to be, but it seems to me that it's common for kittens to pick up these sorts of illnesses, especially from a situation where there are a lot of animals. It's kinda like kindergarten, with the kids swapping new bugs regularly. If your kitten is eating and drinking and is energetic, I wouldn't worry too much.
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Originally posted by okeefecl
If your kitten is eating and drinking and is energetic, I wouldn't worry too much.
Ditto. Good luck!

Just remember to continue the meds for however long the doc said even if kitty appears to be better cause it can come right back.
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Yep, I'll go with what the others have said, and Jasons point is very important, finish the whole course of meds even if the kitty seems well.
As for keeping the poorly kitty in a seperate room, its a good idea, that way your other kitty is protected and its easier fort hem to get to know each other (assuming they haven't met properly yet as you say its a new kitty ) by the scents and playing under the door etc, all in all I would say the outlook is good!
Let us know how things go
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URI's are very common, they are pretty much like a the common cold to us. But depending on the how old the cat is, it's immune system, or if it has any other current problems, will depend on how sever it is, how long it will last, or if they will even live.

My Tageies still has a reocurring URI, can't seem to get rid of it, no matter what I have tried.

It's a shame how some shelters keep the animals habitate unclean. The 'old' shelter in the town I grew up in was soooo nasty, just beyond nasty, no animals should have been there, let alone people!

The new one is much cleaner, they have strict policies, unfortunatly if a cat comes down with a contagious sickness, and if it starts to spread, they normally euthanized all the cats, and sometimes the dogs. It was sad to walk into work, and have the place be eerily empty.
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Thanks to everyone for responding.

I had another question, the shelter that I got him from said that they would provide any of the medication needed that my vet prescribed. I noticed that my vet wrote a prescription for 1ML 2 times per day for 10 days and the shelter gave me 7 pills once a day. I just called them and asked about it and they said that their vet called my vet to change the prescription because he had been on that medication prior and he had built up a tolerance to it. Does this mean that the med's aren't helping and he may never get over this? The shelter gives you the right to return the pet and get another one if you choose, but my goodness, I could NOT return him to that awful place. He is such a little love bug. I'm assuming his nutrition levels were probably down too because they don't fee them high quality food. I have him on Purina ONE kitten formula.

Thanks again.
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Just like with people, kitties and their viruses can develop a tolerance to certain meds, or he may have not responded to the meds in the past. If you are concerned, call your vet and verify what the shelter told you. Make sure that they did get the change cleared with your vet, and that the 7 days is the full course you should be giving him.
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mmm hmmm, also something that is not abnormal, for an animal to build up a tolerance to something like an anti-biotic. I've had cats on the same medications over and over, and normally the repeat offenders didn't work the 2nd or 3rd time around, but then a new medication would. I've had Tageies on Clavamox at least 2 times, he's had a shot of a long lasting anti-biotic when he got neutered because the poor thing was just sooo sick, and I believe he was on another med as well which failed, though I can't remember the name of it.
The next thing I would like to try is collid Silver, you can buy it at health stores. So as soon as I get $20.00 to blow on that I will.
He's a lot better now, at 1 1/2 years old, he lives with it much like an allergy sufferer would from time to time.
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You can also buy a small bottle of GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) Get it in the liquid form (it is very bitter and thick) add three drops to the water bowl every time you clean the bowl and add new water. Swish the stuff around the bowl and give it to kitty. I started using this health product on my cats 3 years ago, as I kept having reoccuring URI. Since I started using it, I have had NO problems with URI. The stuff has amazing properties. Most good health food stores carry it. Mike and I also started mixing it in juice every morning. We have yet to get a cold, flu or sinus infection! I used to get pleurisy and bronchitis at least 5 times a year! I swear by this stuff! You can also order it online. Just make sure it is GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT not Grape Seed.
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Hi Me Again,

After almost one week of the antibiotics, the little guy seems to be getting better. He is not sneezing anymore and his fever is gone, but I'm still giving him every last bit of the med's. One question I have is his one eye tears and comes down his face a little. Does this mean that the infection is still there or will he always have this teary eye? The little guy is running around the house like a nut right now. LOL!

Thanks everyone.


Toby, Tigger and Angel Magic
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