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The Wacky Sleeping positions of Georgi!!

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She has another thread of her pictures I went to post some more of her but I realised almost all where of her sleeping so I decided they can have a thread of there own.. presenting Georgie in :Asleep

Having a nap on the computer

There was another plant in here but she dug it out so she could get in

The frog

My little weirdo

Soo cute but im guessing soo stinky

Thanks for looking!
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Those are so cute!
Each one was funnier than the previous one...but I have to say, the planter-sleeper is my fave! (Or maybe the shoe-sleeper??!)
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Georgi is so cute., I thought the planter was my favorite, but then came Frog,then....little weirdo. That one is my favorite.
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What a one in a million kitty!
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That is just too cute and funny

Definetly one in a million
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Oh my goodness Georgie are you trying to grow quicker by planting yourself sweetie

What positions she gets herself in as well, their so cute but funny
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I love the frog picture! She is such a gorgeous little girl
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Wow I have never seen the frog pose before!
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Love them all. Looks like she can sleep anywhere!
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Great pictures!!! Thanks for sharing!
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She's so cute!
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oh my ! look at that little cherub - what a peach she is
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Thanks for your kind comments. I dont think I have had a cat quite like her before she is actually asleep in my arns in her blankie right now which is something she hasnt done since she was a tiny baby. Finding it a little hard to type however
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AWW! So whacky and cute!
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She's gorgeous. I love the one with her stretched straight out on the rug.
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