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Cats Keep fighting

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I need to know what steps I should take to get my cats to stop fighting. The main problem is that my cat Baby won't take nicely to my other cat Zoe and Baby goes crazy and wants to attack Zoe everyday. It's gotten to the point where I have had to seperate them for now. Any suggestions?
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Could you give a bit more detail...Ages, how long they have been together with you, spayed/neutered, indoor or outdoor, or both.........
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Hey, ya..me, too...sort of. Only, I have a 5 year old male (just adopted) and a 2 year old female (just adopted..both at the same time). It is the MISS THANG that keeps growling and hissing at the male. The male keeps backing up from her and is very hesitant. She is very very affectionate with us...very loving..but isn't into the other one AT ALL. The other one is really loving, too, but could give two hoots and a holler about her. He is sooo laid back but a little nervous.

Will she eventually get stop this and get over it? This all just happened today and before I could keep them in their separate rooms, my husband let the second cat out of the carrier.
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