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Am I the only one...

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with a cat that will eat wet food one day and not the next? He eats the same canned food all the time, I don't even change the flavor because he usually turns his nose up to everything else. I don't get it, he's so weird. He acts like he wants the food when he sees you opening the can and such, then you put the plate on the floor and he sniffs it and walks away. Anyone hear of such a cat?
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I've got one that loves wet food and another that will eat a few bites and then walk away. Willow likes to take a few nibbles from Odo's dish when she's interested in wet food at all. When I try to give her a bowl of her own, she'll eat from it for a day or two, but every day, I'll find her leaving more and more food behind, which is a waste. I now only offer her canned food on occasion. If she wants some the rest of the time, she can eat a bit of Odo's. You might look into some of the pouch foods to supplement your picky cat's dry diet. By Nature Organics has a line of pouches with high quality ingredients. Several companies offer 3 ounce cans as well, which may result in less waste.
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Thank goodness NONE of my cats were picky eaters (unless they were sick - which was not common). It would drive me nutz if I had one like that. Same with "picky" dogs - don't want to deal with them

Ling's a little on the picky side, not too bad tho. But Charlie and Keno are chow hounds - those 2 will eat just about anything you put in front of them

At least one good thing with a non-picky cat or dog - you know when they are sick if they refuse to eat!
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It does drive me nuts! He's crazy. This morning he eat just a little bit. I've tried other wet food, but he is never interested. I'll see if I can try that pouch food and see what happens, hehehehe, what do I have to lose.
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Radar is a bit picky. He doesn't like any of the premium quality wet foods that I can pick up easily in the supermarket. I have to order his wet online and then it's sent to him from Germany. He's a bit of a princess
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My dog (Tucker) will eat anything, and I mean anything, you give him! So far, Zoe is not picky. She's eaten Purina and Nutro without a problem, and she's eaten the canned fine. She doesn't eat much though since she is still nursing during the day. So, so far so good, she probably won't be too picky.... *knock on wood* She is a bit of "princess" though. Hehe...
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One of my mother's cats is incredibly fussy. He'll only touch wet food if there is dry food on top and even at that he'll pick at it. Plus he'll only eat one brand and only likes tuna or chiken flavours. He can also be picky about 'treats'. Amazingly he is HUGE; I think he eats a lot of birds and mice. So it's not unusual in my experience!
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You're not the only one. Several of my cats were like that and the only way I could get them to eat wet food reliably was to get the dry food off the menu. It may seem a little extreme, but it worked. They all eat their wet food with enthusiasm now.
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welcome to my world. nabu and stimpy are SO picky! raven will eat just about anything as long as it comes out of a can.

i just donated some great food to the shelter because nabu and stimpy weren't eating it, and most was getting wasted.
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Yes I have one cat that does that. And she is the one that needs the wet food.
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OMG . . . . no, you are not the only one! I have one who isn't picky at all. She eats one kind of food and one kind only.

The other two compete to see which one can drive me crazy first! Chloe won't eat any kind of food for any length of time, so I have to keep looking for something new for her. And Bailey's supposed to be eating only rabbit, but he got a bite of Chloe's Wellness turkey and salmon (stinky stuff, that!) and now won't touch his rabbit! Argh!!!

If you hear a loud boom coming from somewhere in the middle of Iowa . . . that will be my head exploding!
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Carly and Much eat their wet food without a problem. Lucy however has whims. She usually likes a fresh can but will turn her nose up at it half of the time. She sometimes likes turkey, sometimes not. She will eat about 3/4s of the time if I hand feed her. At least she likes her dry.
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Well, THANK YOU EVERYONE, that has a picky, or multiple picky, eaters. Man, that made me feel so much better, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one. Misery loves company, actually I guess that's a little harsh, I love my boy but he can sure make me crazy!

Thanks all!
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Gizmo is the a same way. He turns his nose up at the wet stuff 95% of the time. I've tried different varieties but I just can't seem to find one he's crazy for. As a last ditched effort I even tried fancy feast but even that wasn't very interesting to him. Unfortunately now I think I've turned him into a dry food junkie. I've tried feeding him less dry in hope he'll gain more of an appetite for wet but it just isn't happening. It's beyond frustrating.
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Cindy will snarf up a particular brand of wet food like it's the best thing she's ever tasted. I"m happy to find something she likes and buy a case of it. At which time she decides she doesn't really like it after all.
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Pippin is incredibly picky. The other 4 will eat anything I put down. Of course, Pippin is the one with health issues, so that's great.
He is taking well to the wellness grain free. He's the only one I feed that. The rest get meow mix packets. Because of his health issues, I feed him the more expensive food. I couldn't afford to feed all 4 of them that. They get two meals of wet and I fill their tiny bowl with dry twice a day. Usually, it's emptied out between feedings but today I came home and it looks like noone touched it. Weird!

Pippin wouldn't touch any of the prescription foods he was given, but the others ate it like it was candy. He's so silly. It's frustrating and I have to switch flavors fairly often or he gets bored. I found another dry food he likes though, so that's a good thing.

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