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preggy questions

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ok, i have a female who got jumped by my males 2 weeks ago. i'm pretty sure she's pregnant, one of my males got her 12+ times in an hour and a half, but anyways,
Is it normal for a female cat to get morning sickness and moodswings?

Every morning i notice her vomit, and she is really loving at times then reverts back to being a bitch (she was an abuse case we adopted, adn she was evil!)

can anyone email me and let me know something?
I don't know if the posts automatically get mailed to us (this is my first time posting) but if not email me at Pass_me_the_hatchet@yahoo.com, because i get to check my mail once a day while i'm at work (i get to steal a few mins before closing)
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Yes, I'm sure if she was bred that many times she is pregnant. And mood swings and vomiting are also signs.
Was this a planned breeding?
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I would think it wasn't planned because she said the poor cat got jumped. But if she witnessed it happen 12+times and did nothing to stop it then I would guess it is planned. If you have intact females and males together then you can bet it is planned because that is what happened.

It can happen I believe. That is a lot for their bodies to go through. Has she been to the vet recently? Are all your cats tested and healthy? Free of FIV or FeLV? They could have passed something on to her easily. Are they all dewormed recently?

Can I please ask why this was allowed to happen? Why isn't the bunch spayed and neutered? If you like, just tell us where you live and we can provide low cost spay and neuter clinics for you. She can be spayed right away if you want to also so she won't have kittens and she can be safely spayed.
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Yes, I agree with everything you said. I just dont understand, much of what the OP said.
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Yes its possible they get morning sickness. But if she was bred 2 weeks ago, you can get her spayed before she gets any further along.

And please neuter your males too. They still can get females pregnant for a month after neutering.

Why haven't they been spayed/neutered yet?
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They can also continue to mate with her. They dont know or care that she is pregnant. And for a certain amount of time, she can continue to get pregnant over and over so then she may carry kittens from different fathers all at once and they will also be at slightly different stages of development, BUT they will all be born at once leading to underdeveloped and sicky kittens = just a mess!
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it wasn't a planned, but it is very welcome. We got her as an abused case. they didn't tell us, and we had a hard time getting her to trust us. We couldn't pick her up or anything. we could barely touch her without her swatting us, even though we've never hit her.
Her demeaner has completely changed since then. she will jump on us and get into our faces wanting us to love on her. It wasn't planned but its the miricle she needed. After this, she will get fixed though.
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actually, the males haven't gone near her since the 2 days in a row they "took" her. i understand that the kittens can be by different fathers and the second they try anything with her again, she'll get seperated till July 24th which is when she is due.

Like i said before, she will be fixed, but fixing her now, is sounding a little like kitty abortion and i can't do that. i'll find them good homes here, but spaying her before the kittens arrive is not an option
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Ok will agree to that - its your decision to abort or not. However, PLEASEEEEEEEEEE have your males neutered. They don't need to be producing more cats. Whether they are inside or outside males they need to be done.
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