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I need to vent

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Okay so there is this girl I work with who has a 15 year old cat. The cat has some health problems. It is suppose to be on medicine for high blood pressure. She was in the break room yeserday complaing about the cat and how she just wished it would die. She said she has even stopped giving it the medicine. I kept my mouth shut because well I work with her and it would make for a tough place to work. I did say well if you don't want it I know of some people that would be more than willing to come and get her and give her the life she deserves. She than said oh no its not like I am neglecting her. What ??!!
By not giving it the medicine you are neglecting it. Would you not give your grandma medicine because she was old and a burden? OHHHHHHH THIS JUST MAKES ME SO MAD

Stupid girl.

Sorry I just needed to get that off my chest. I feel so bad for the little kitty. It should not have to live like that.
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I think you should talk to her, privately, and tell her you would like to adopt the cat. (Maybe you can't actually keep the kitty, but you can get him away from her and find him a home where he'll be cared for.) If she still says she wants to keep the cat, but will not give him his medicine, ask her why she would condemn him to death when you're willing to take care of him and let him live.

I know you have to work with her, but... what's right is right. You can't just let it go. If you say it gently, surely you can make her see reason.
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i agree wholeheartedly.

just be sure to do it privately - saying anything in front of anyone else would put the person on the spot and instinctively defensive. also, i would strongly recommend not saying anything to anyone else at work about the situation - though i probably don't have to tell you that.

word has a nasty way of spreading no matter how large or small the workplace is or how many times you pinky-swear someone to secrecy.

keep us posted on how the kitty is doing.
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I seriously urge you to report this girl to the local Humane Society. The ones here will check up on suspected animal abuse and will involve the local authorities if necessary.

If you don't want to do that at first, then I agree you should discreetly talk to her and at least tell her that by willfully withholding needed medicine, she is, indeed, neglecting the cat and performing an act of cruelty.

Just disgusting. If she "just wishes it would die," then she doesn't need to be having that cat, or really, any other animals.

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I know I need to talk to her but I am just afull at confrontation of any kind. I have a hard time even corecting Karma. I just don't know how I go about it. Plus if I was able to convince her to let me take the cat I don't know what I would do. I am not really allowed cats in my apartment, Karma is all I can handle. Its a full time job just making sure she goes unknowticed.(We are in the process of finding a new place that takes cats, thats a whole differerent post). I don't think it would be healthy for a cat who already has high blood pressure to go through that kind of change just to be moved again to a forever home. If she does agree I would need to have already set something up. I don't want the cat to go to a shelter because of its condition, sadly it would probably just be put down. I also no longer have a car so it would be tough for me to transport the kitty. Also its new home would need to be with someone who knows how to deal with an elderly special needs kitty. That too is hard to find.

Argh, this is tough. On one hand I feel I need to help the little one, it may have 5+ good years left, its only 15. But on the other hand I don't know what to do an don't want to get involved. I am just glad I can come here and have people help me. If I did report her would the report be anonomus(sp). I would NOT want her to know it was me for obvious reasons.
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if you cant talk to her, then report her.
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I would have went off on her. I just don't care. Someone has got to be the voice for these animals! I don't know what it is about me, but I have this ability to shout when it comes to pets. I am a quite person any other way. If someone was abusing your cat would you stand up? Treat every animal like they are yours, and you can find that courage.

On the other hand it is important to remember, not everyone loves their pets the way you do. That's the reality. Terrible isn't it?
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I really couldn't have kept my mouth shut. I would have asked her to give me the cat so i could give it it's medication and have it see out the rest of it's days in a loving environment, even if i had to keep it separated from Rosie and Sophie
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I would have went off on her. I just don't care. Someone has got to be the voice for these animals! I don't know what it is about me, but I have this ability to shout when it comes to pets. I am a quite person any other way. If someone was abusing your cat would you stand up? Treat every animal like they are yours, and you can find that courage.

On the other hand it is important to remember, not everyone loves their pets the way you do. That's the reality. Terrible isn't it?
that is meEXACTLY. I see so much bad things and I YELL and scream at people. I don’t know why I lose it when see abuse in my face. Like when I travel in other countries they don’t treat cats nicely I lose it on them, I saw a cute cat in mexico, and her tail was broken and I didn’t know why, then I saw a guy pull the cat buy its tail and I lost it. I embarrassed my husband. But I don’t give a damn. I nearly kicked him it made me so mad. I saw a guy in china beating his dog and I nearly lost it but I was held back because they said he would beat me. I was so angry and it bugged me for days. Ohh I saw other things too, and when I lose it I think I get known as crazy. but I can tell people who I know nicely what I think. if I think they might listen.

If that was me, I would have stood up and told her I think she is curle and I that I think she should just hurry up and die. We don’t need people like you in the world. Oh I probably would have said some other nasty things too, and maybe get fired... so in a way, you are stronger then me, but I know how this could bug you for days..
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To me that is animal abuse pure and simple.
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Originally Posted by adymarie View Post
To me that is animal abuse pure and simple.
I agree. I wouldn't have kept my mouth shut either.

If you can't find the nerve to talk to her yourself, then please report her. That poor kitty deserves better.
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My Misty is 14 yrs. old and even a sniffle gets me checking her out for any problem. I feel bad for this cat and I hope you can do something to help it. This person should not have an animal if she cannot or will not take care of it properly, good luck.
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So I finaly talked to her today. We were both outside having a cigarett, no one else was around so I figured now is as good a time as any. She was very open to what I had to say. I told her that withholding the meds was abuse and neglect. I informed her that I am a crazy cat lady and to know that a cat is suffering is about as bad as telling me a child is suffering. I also told her that even though I am not really allowed cat that my DH and I talked it over and if it ment saving the cats life we would take her. We are willing to risk our home for that cat. She listened and seemed very concered. It seemed like it hurt her to know that she was infact abusing her cat. She asked me what she should do. I told her that I would help her find a rescue home for it or at least a no kill shelter that has the time to handle a cat with special needs. She also told me that her mom is suffering from empty nest syndrom and maybe that if she gave her mom the cat then it may work. She said her mom loves the cat and would most likely love to have it back. She said she was going to call her mom tonight and talk with her about it. Her mom is a stay at home mom and now has no kids to take care of so maybe a cat that needs special attention would be good for her. She also now understands that with the right care and medication the cat could live happily for 5 or more years. The last thing she wanted to do was end the kitties life prematurly. She was happy to see that I cared so much and wanted to help. It was tough bringing it up but in the end I think the cat may just be okay. I am going to be looking for shelters and rescues in southern Cali tommarow so if anyone knows of one let me know so I can give her the info just in case her mom does not want to take on the task of caring for the kitty.

Thank you so much guys for letting me vent and helping me find the courage to talk with her.
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Well thats good, if she genuinely seemed to care about what you said.

I think sometimes people just say things because they are frustrated, and looking for a reacton from people. I can't imagine actually withholding medication That would be horrific.

Hopefully, she does whats best for the cat in any case

Good for you for talking to her..I can imagine how awkward that might be.
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Good job!

I just can't believe people when they spend that long with an animal and say mean stuff like that. that's like saying "I can't wait for my mom to die" when she announces she has arthritis.

Hopefully she'll find a good home for the kitty. I hope her mom does take the cat in. That sounds like an ideal situation.
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i think i can safely speak for everyone when i say ... CONGRATS!!... i am so happy that you found the strength to talk to your co-worker. also, that you told her that you would help her find a home for the kitty (provided her mom doesn't take it in). this way, you can keep an eye on the kitty and followup to make sure that kitty is being taken care of.

again, congrats!! and keep us posted.

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I am glad you were able to talk to her and she was so open to what you had to say!
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