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Cat eye problems... Need opinions :-/

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My cat is currently 8 months old and the past day and a half has had an eye issue... Let me give you the back story first tho...

We had an apartment issue where we had to relocate that cat for a couple weeks. 2-3 days after we moved him he devloped a problem with his eye. His right eye's third eyelid became visible and he started squintin in that eye... He acted tentitive and was very weird. However, about a day later it was gone and he was back to normal. We just figured it was an environmental issue... maybe he had an allergy problem with the new environment.

A couple weeks passed and it was time to move back in the aparment. We decided he should get a bath before we brought him home. We went to my mom's house (she has more cat bathing experience then myself and I wanted some help) Our cat saw his first Golden Retriever there... and well he was pretty scared. We bathed him and that was his first bath since he was around 1-2 months old. So yea, it was a very 'exciting' bath.

We then brought him back to the apartment and he was fine and seemed thrilled to be home. The next night, however, we noticed another problem with his eye similar to last time. We figured it would just be fine if given time. Well it's been 24 hrs and it hasnt seem to get significantly better.

Worried... I've been searching the internet for what this might be and I've narrowed it down to conjunctivitis that was brought up do to stress. I read that's possible however he doesn't have all the symptoms of cunjuntivitis. He doesnt have any eye 'boogers' (well no more then usual atleast). He's been sleepin alot today and has be 'flintchin' alot like hes can't see too well.

Does anyone have any experience with this? What is the best action to take or will it just get better like last time? Is medicine for this destributed by a vet or can you get it at a pet store?

If it doesn't get well overnight were gonna take him to the vet asap tommorow. However.. If the cat guruus on this forum can help me out and give me a solution that doesn't involve a costly trip to the vet that would be great.
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He could have gotten a little scratch on his eye. I'd take him into the vet if you're worried about it. It could also be conjuctivitis but the eyes tend to get pretty goopy.
I don't know the symptoms of herpes, but I know it also effects the eyes also.
My best guess is that he got something in his little eyebulb and it's irritating.

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When it's something that affects the eyes, the only one who can give you proper advice and treatment is the vet. Eye problems can exacerbate very quickly and lead to eye ulcers which are nasty and can result in the cat losing an eye.

Best to let the vet have a look.
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