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Our car is DEAD!

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Well it finally happened. Our beloved car, a 1990 VW Golf has died. THe engine block cracked. Its been dying for weeks, our breaks were shot, the transmision was going, the suspension was ready to go. Basicly it was a death trap but we loved it like family.
When it happend we were about 15 miles from home but that car hung on and limped us home, it finally just stopped as we were pulling into out parking lot. We named her car, as sad as it is we sould talk to her whenever we drove. She had a dancing hula monkey on the dash along with Homer Simpson and a statue of Jesus. She has always been there, ready to go. There were times when she would make it even when her tank was empty. She help bring Karma home. The memories of that car will always be with me. I cried when she was officialy dead. It was like losing a member of the family.

My DH called Ecology and they are going to pay us 150 for it, they will come and pick it up and evrything. Friday morning between 7 and 8. I know it sounds weird but we are going to go and wash her one last time. As my DH puts is, she treated us well and deserves to go out in style. Gosh we really love that car I wish we could save her.
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Awwwwww May she rest in peace.

I just lost my beloved Domenic, and I will cry for sure when he is gone out of my driveway
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Awww i'm so sorry! That really sucks...
My mom lost her caddy in a terrible car accident after she had replaced almost absolutely everything in it. She really misses it it was a perfect car with tons of features. But we are getting a new one tonight, so we are really excited!! Its almost identical to her old one but its a year newer and a four door.
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Aww i am soo sorry! I lost my beloved 88'Honda Accord Hatchback about 2-3 years ago when an F150 was going 60+ mph (and i was stopped for a stop sign). She totaled my car and i also wound up in physical therapy for several months (seat belts save lives though! if i hadn't had mine on it could have been worse) I still miss that car soooo much!!! It ran soooooooo well and served me well
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I'm so sorry! Isn't it strange how we get attached to cars? If you've had them long enough they DO become part of the family. Especially if they've been depenable and given their all. Believe me, I understand how you feel.
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It is funny how attached you can get to a car! RIP car!
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