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Healing thoughts please

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Tango and Jinx (now girls, we realise) were spayed two weeks ago. However, there appears to be a problem as Tango has a golf ball sized fluidy lump under her scar and Jinx coughed up clear phlegm tinged with pink - not good.

Both kitties are seeing the vet tonight, but has anyone else had any problems with post-op spays? Willow has been our only other girl that we've owned and her spay was routine with no problems whatsoever.

Please come back because I'm quite worried about them!

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Well Diana, we've got two girlies, but I don't really have any experience of post spay probas as both of mine were done before I got them, Truffle was done quite a long before, but Shandy still had a bold patch on her tum when we got her, we didn't have any probs though.
Hopefully the vet will be able to give you some help/answers tonight, I'm sending good thoughts to your and your girls!! Please let us know!
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Any news?

Hope they are feeling better.
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Tango had her lump drained by the vet - she wasn't too impressed with that, but thankfully all that came out was clear fluid tinged with pink. Nothing to worry about. The vet thinks that this is as a result of her running around like a loon and not letting it heal! The other possibility is that she has had an allergic reaction to the stitches. Some more good news is that there is definately no damage to her muscles, they've healed well.

Jinx, however, doesn't appear to have swallowed anything large and without taking an x-ray, they can't tell if something little has been swallowed causing her to throw up blood. I also mentioned that her third eyelids have been up, so they are treating her for a viral infection and have prescribed a course of antibiotics. If there's no change in her, then she goes back for more intensive searching.

So, the kitties are still housebound, even though Tango is climbing the walls in an effort to get outside. Poor thing!

Keep fingers crossed that Jinx doesn't have anything horrible going on inside her and that the antibiotics do the trick!

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So glad to hear little Tango is ok!! PHEW!!! What a relief for you! Now, you'll have to think of a way to keep a cat still... HMMMMM... all I suggest is a raditor, or open fire with big warm snuggly rugs.. :laughing: (that'll work for about an hour..)

Now hoping Jinx will get better soon!! Or at least hope the vets will be able to figure out whats wrong.. its not easy keeping an "outdoorsy" cat inside!! All the best!!
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It would be easy to keep Tango quiet if she was the only kitten in the house, but she's not, she's one of four!!!!!!!!

I can hear the little elephants upstairs racing from one end of the house to the other and Tango is confined to the living room with us (so she doesn't get lonely), but all she wants to do is escape to play with Jinx, Bel and Bonnie. Poor little thing.

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Awww bless!! it is difficult! As she's already confined to one room, theres not much else you can do, except give her a ton of extra snuggles, which I;m sure you're doing anyway!! Oh well, hopefully it won't be too much longer until she can escape to play with others again
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