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Needing earplugs and a full nights sleep

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I have two eleven year old Siamese cats. They are litter mates. BeBe, my male, is placid and cuddly and weighs 17lbs. My female, Nali, is high-strung and sketchy and is around 8lbs. Nali has the loudest meow I have ever heard come from a cat and over the past several months, she has been close to putting me over the edge.
BeBe is on special food for bladder stones. When Nali eats it, she vomits and it lacks nutrition she needs anyway. So I struggle daily with seperate feedings. Nali gets 1/4 cup of IAMS or Pet Promise in the mornings and evenings. She will usually wake me up at 4a.m. by meowing loudly in my ear, flinging things from my dresser or rustling my mini blinds. When I feed her, she'll eat two bites and walk away. At this point, either I will pick up what is left or BeBe will attempt to polish it off. The next time I walk by her bowl, which could be 2 minutes later, she is running to her eating spot and meowing at the top of her lungs. This goes on literally ALL DAY LONG. This routine of me feeding her, her taking two bites and walking away and begging for food minutes later has me pulling my hair out.
At eleven years old, this cat should be letting me get a full night's sleep every now and then. Nothing seems to appease her and the only time she will eat her entire helping is if I sit next to her. Any advice would be much appreciated. Locking her out of my room at night is not an option.
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i don't know if this will help but - is it at all possible for you to keep the cats separated while feeding? maybe you could bring Nali in to the bedroom with you so that you can sleep and she'll have the comfort that you're there with her. then, you could leave the food in place without worrying about BeBe eating it.

hope this helps good luck!
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Siamese cats, known for their vocal expressiveness, some more then others. Obviously you have both ! 10 pound difference is a lot for a cat, and you have not mentioned either being under or over weight so this is obviously not a concern. Female Siamese are usually more vocal. I would have to agree with separating them during feeding times, even if you need to sit with her for her to finish, it is worth it if the other is excessively eating and gaining weight. If she doesn't finish within 5-10 min. or simply doesn't seem interested, save it for later, if she seems to want it later try again keeping other distracted and not allowing to get to. There could be a dominant submissive behavioral pattern between then as far as food.......
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