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As one of the longest members here at TCS, I find that the crowd of newbies is not getting or understanding proper family site ettiquete.

I don't think in my 6 years years of being here I have ever not tried to listen to both sides of the arguement. I don't think I have ever personally attacked someone else. I have always respected people's beliefs, even when they don't match my own.

I think no matter what your own personal belief system is, you have to allow for variety with an international website. IMO, there have been more and more intolerant people posting, and that seriously offends me more then just the bad language.

I am really thinking I need to start finding a new on-line community to be part of.
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Originally Posted by ckblv View Post
Whoa, that seems pretty harsh Ginger.

I agree with Sarah, this is the best forum I have ever been on. I think all the Mods do a wonderful job. I realize Newbies can be irritating but school is starting soon.

On a lighter note, at Petfinder if you try to post the words, "Dick Cheney"
it comes out, "I-have-a-potty-mouth Cheney" What a hoot.
And yesterday someone posted a HORRIBLE, porn thread that was posted at 2:00 in the afternoon and wasn't pulled until this morning. Despite NUMEROUS emails to Admin and reporting. It was really, really bad. It wasn't even a link, if you clicked on the thread the pictures were just THERE on the thread. NOTHING like that would EVER happen here.

We aren't talking about what happens at other sites - this is the one in question. Pushing the issue off and comparing this site to Petfinder is irrelevant and not helpful for the discussion at hand.

I agree with Betsy, there are some serious issues
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gosh I hadn't even seen these issues........guess I must not be reading thoroughly.
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Originally Posted by adymarie View Post
We aren't talking about what happens at other sites - this is the one in question. Pushing the issue off and comparing this site to Petfinder is irrelevant and not helpful for the discussion at hand.

I agree with Betsy, there are some serious issues

Sorry about that, just making the point that this Site is the best.
You are correct, it is irrelevent, I'll bow out now.
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Well, if y'all want us to start cracking down, I'll start with this one. We're getting close to if not over the line of Rule #7, Negative Feedback.

7. Please note that this site is privately owned and operated. Moderators are not paid for their services and try to make TCS a pleasant experience for everyone. With that in mind, we ask that you refrain from posting complaints and negative feedback on the public forums as we have found this to be the least constructive form of criticism. Public discussion of any Mod actions, such as thread editing, thread removal and revocation of memberships is strictly prohibited. These decisions are made privately, communicated privately to the member in question, and will not be discussed with other members. If you are not pleased with the way this site is run or have an issue with one of the team, you are welcome to contact hydroaxe@thecatsite.com or anne@thecatsite.com. Posting about it in the forums and threatening to leave the site will not be tolerated. Any post in violation of this rule will be edited or removed without prior notice and membership privilages may be revoked.
Please do know that we will be looking at the issues raised here, but the most appropriate way of expressing any further issues you have with the moderating team would be to email or PM either Anne or Ryan. These issues will be looked into if expressed to either of them as well.

With that, so that this doesn't become a "bash TCS" thread (as it is degenerating into already), this thread is now closed. Please address anything further to Anne, Ryan, or a moderator.

Thank you.
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I thought about making this a new thread, but since I would like the posters in this thread to get my answer, I'll add it here.

First, as Heidi stated above, we have a rule about keeping this kind of feedback off the public forums.There's a sticky about it here, if you'd like to read more about it-

If you are unhappy with the way this site is run, do send me a PM or an email. Be specific and respectful, and I promise an equally respectful reply. Please, save me the long lectures in posts - they will get us nowhere and they could get you an infraction. Also, if it's me you're trying to get to, your best bet is a PM - not a post on the board.

As to the issue at hand -
Yes, we strive to maintain a family-friendly site. This does not mean a site for children, but a site that maintains the six-o'clock news standards. Being an international board with members from many countries and walks of life, it's not always easy. With thousands of daily posts, the moderators can only do so much about monitoring the posts, hence why we also have the filters in place.

Please keep in mind that the mods are all volunteers and are not available here 24 hours a day. We are counting on you - the members - to help us keep the community family-friendly. If you see a problematic post - do use the "report post" button right away and be specific with your complaint. These reports go out to more than one moderator, and are dealt with ASAP - this does not mean they are automatically edited/deleted, but they should be dealt with within a few hours. If that fails to happen - do PM me directly, please.

Please note that the post reports usually do not get answered directly. They are however received and reviewed and if necessary, they are handled as well.

One last thing. This being the international big board that it is, some of us are bound not to see eye to eye on some matters. We are nearing our 7th anniversary as a community and I have learnt over the years that there is just no way to keep everyone happy. What one person sees as keeping the site clean and family friendly, someone else might see as too much censorship. It's a thin line, and we have come up with our own policies, as well as a balanced team of mods from several countries, to try and maintain what we feel is best for this community. Making everyone happy all the time with our decisions here is impossible. It's up to every member and visitor to make up their own mind as to whether or not they feel comfortable here and wish to stay. Although I will always try and make everyone feel welcome, no one is forcing anyone to participate or visit.

On that note, please let me remind you that promoting competing boards, whether by posts or PM's is a violation of our rules.

I am keeping this thread closed, as I think everything that needed to be said has been said. Your feedback had been noted and will be dealt with. In fact some changes have already been implemented behind the scenes. If you wish to provide more feedback along those lines - please PM me.
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