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Sleepy heartbreaker

His best "Yoda" impression

His modeling debut!

Helping me browse Petfinder

I was trying to comb his tummy!

Tough heartbreaker

This is one of my favorite pics of him!
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Ahhhh He is such a heartbreaker!
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I love the "Yoda" one!! He's just precious!
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I can't cope with all this cuteness this early in the morning!!!
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OMG how cute can this little man get!!. He's like a little hedgehog curled up in a tight ball.And those feet!!!, i could blow raspberries on them right now
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where is the CUTENESS warning!!!!!
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Oh.My.Gosh. His cuteness is overwhelming! Awww
And I can't wait to see how he grows up!
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He is gorgeous!
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wow he is a cutie
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OMG, what a cutie patootie he is
LOVE the Yoda pic
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You know, as sweet as he is as a kitten (and belive me, I could go on for quite some time about just how adorable he is) I think he'll grow up to be a beautiful cat. He's got such a pretty face and nice markings, too.
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He is gorgeous and very photogenic.
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We'll see if I get pics as he grows up! He's only a foster kitten. As much as I want my own HHP kitty, I just don't think I can realistically keep him.
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He is just soo darn cute, so sooo sooo GORGEOUS
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I just love him too!!! How can you bear to part with these precious little babies!
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Got to love that lil round belly. He is gorgeous!!
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I swear you get the cutest foster kittens! besides Nikki of course!
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What an adorable little stinker!!

(I mean that with affection)
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I love him!!!!!!!
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