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Work & TCS

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I know a lot of us are on TCS during work... but does your boss know?

Mine doesn't, but its a really laid back office, where everyone kinda does their own thing. I get all my work done & then I surf TCS for awhile, for a little break. I usually have the screen minimized all day tho if I'm here alone, but if I'm training w/ my Director, then I log out, and come back later when I'm caught up!

What about you? Are you a sneaky TCSer during the workday?
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I work from home. No my parents/boss don't know I'm on here!
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Well my boss isn't around to nag me. But he will be home in 5 minutes.
I wouldn't have been able to surf at work. They had anything and everything banned including supply order sites that we needed.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I work from home. No my parents/boss don't know I'm on here!
Thats no fair Natalie, you get to work from home and cuddle with cute kitties all day!

Remind me again why your looking for a job outside of the house!?
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I'm usually on (sometimes minimized) all day. I do work intermittently while I'm here but I'd say about half my day is spent here. My boss (is an 80ys not so computer friendly lady) apparently think I'm reading book on the computer all day! LOL She only ever says something if one of my co-workers feels the need to complain about my internet use. Such a mature group of women here! It's like working w/ a bunch of little kids who tattle all the time.
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
Thats no fair Natalie, you get to work from home and cuddle with cute kitties all day!

Remind me again why your looking for a job outside of the house!?
Because right now, I'm not even getting paid anymore! And the $70 a month I was making just wasn't enough....
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no internet access at my new job. except in the lunch room for breaks which is kinda nice.
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Not really...there's only one other guy in the office that can track where I'm going. Otherwise it's all ME!

Actually I was told when I first got here if I'm bored to surf the internet. Soo....
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I work as a receptionist for a locksmith company. I spend the whole day on TCS (when I'm not busy) and all my bosses know! Shoot, they spend most of their day playing poker on the internet They think I AM THE ONE THAT IS CRAZY?!?!?!
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I'm on all day, pretty sure my boss doesn't know, but as long as my work is done.....not that I have any but as long as what I do have is done, I'm sure they don't really care
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Yep, I'm here though usually minimized. If I turned off the siggies, I wouldn't have to worry so much. They are a dead giveaway when someone looks over my shoulder I do get all my work done and then some, so I don't worry about it.
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I'm usually here during my lunch hour, and after hours before I go home. Though there are sometimes (like now) that I need a little break and come here. My boss doesn't know, but I doubt she'd be upset it she did. She believes in managing to results, not to the amount of time spent at work.
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I keep the page open to TCS all day, but quickly flip if anyone walks by. I don't think that the head honchos would a pprove, but I figure since I get more work done then the gossipers, they can't really complain!
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My boss knows I am on the internet. I don't think she knows what a forum is though. My work is done with few errors so no complaints. Now the IT probably know I am on here like all day. But as I said my work is done with few errors so I don't think they care. Although we aren't suppsed to be on the internet.
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I work as a Nurse and I don't have access to a computer during my shift, at least not one for surfing the internet.

However, even if I did have a job that permitted me internet access during the day,I don't feel it's right to be doing anything at work other than what you are paid to be doing. I make it clear to my family and friends that I won't even accept personal phone calls.

Back when I worked in an office, I was the only one there who didn't spend 1/2 the day on the phone talking to their friends/family or taking care of personal business on the telephone. I always made my phone calls on my lunch hour or coffee breaks.

I still do that as a nurse. I'm paid to be there and work and work is what I do. If I need to make a phone call I do it on my coffee or dinner breaks and use whatever time I have left to have something to eat.

The way I look at things in life is if you feel the need to hide something from your boss or your spouse or partner, then you shouldn't be doing it.
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I'm generally in the classroom at work, so if I access TCS, it's during my 35-minute lunch break, or when a class has been canceled.

My boss, colleagues, and students are very much aware of my participation here, and many of the latter practice their English by reading or posting. We even have an informal "Amber & Boris" fan club at school.
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My boss knows, and will often look over my shoulder at kitty pics.

We have an informal deal that when it is down time I can surf the web but in busy times, I come in early / stay later etc and I also check my emails from them at home in case anything urgent crops up, but tend to reply as I see emails anyway
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I can't sign on at work, not because I'm not allowed, but because we've been totally swamped. I know I was never that active (and you may not have missed me, but I missed you guys!!), but man, lately with work, I don't think I've posted for two months before today!

Luckily, things seem to be calming down, so maybe I'll be able to sign in at work some, and if I don't work 80 hr weeks, then maybe I can sign on more from home (like now!) again.
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