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Bitter, Bitter sweet............

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I completely brought Ashie home today.....urn and all. It was aweful taking her in the house not in the same way she left (as a whole cat).

But at the same time I brought her home, I brought Carmel home...the 2 year old I posted about yesterday. I didn't expect to bring her home today since the last I knew she hadn't had her parts "fixed", but when I got there today, she was ready! Tell me that isn't a sign??

Then I saw Tommy. Ohhhhh GAWD. Yes. Now, Tommy is this BIG ORANGE boy cat who is a lover (on his terms). He will love you if you go to him and will come to you when he wants to be loved, but he is pretty content on his own, too, which is PERFECT with a house of small kids. My husband saw him Tuesday and liked him, but we didn't get to see if he would interact with ok with a 3 year old. Today he was out (he loves to hide in this upper "tree house" thing the shelter has) and he did fine with her.

SOOOO.....I had to tell them to put the kitten back up for adoption (that kitten will go QUICKLY!) and that I would take Tommy. Pooorrrr Tommy. He is a big ol boy cat!!!!!!

I couldn't take Tommy at the same time.....I had a carseat with a 5 mo old, a 3 year old, and a Carmel kitty cat..my hands were FULL. But, I am going to pick that guy up either later when my husband gets home or tomorrow.

Think a young chick cat and an older boy cat will do ok??? I kind of put Carmel near him and he sat there like "Yeah?? And your point is WHAT???". He could care less. But Carmel had a little growl in her.....she hadn't been outside of the cage yet, though (they have an open cattery room), because she hadn't been spayed (is that it for females?). She was just done yesterday and I was the first one to have her out since. I am *HOPING* that is just a normal reaction to new areas/surgery....but I don't know. Anyone have any thoughts on that???

But I can't find a picture of Tommy. HMPH!
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I think they will do fine. Just read up on cat introductions here on TCS. Hissing/spitting is normal.

I am so happy to hear you chose Carmel. I just felt that she was "the one" for you.
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I'm sure it was sad to bring Ashie home, but shes where she belongs in heaven, and in your house.
So did you adopt to new kitties?
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I'm sure Ashie is pleased that it's taking TWO kitties to fill her pawprints. And oh my, what a beautiful girl she was... she reminds me of my Pearl.

How old is Carmel? If she had already "come of age," she will have some hormones in her for a month or so, but after that, she'll settle down. I'm so glad you got her a companion, too!

Hurry with the pictures!
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This is so sad, I send you my condolences.
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Yep. They are NOW both home. I could only take one when I had both kids with me, but then when my husband came home, I ran back to get the other.

I took Carmel first (I've got to change that name, I think) and went to isolate her in a room so she could get used to smells. Please. That cat didn't care. She was ready to get out the door and check the WHOLE joint out. So, I let her have at it. She was in her GLORY smelling and exploring...she went to the basement...spent a long time down there..came up...kept checking things out..stopped for some petting for a bit..then kept up the smells. She went in with my daughter who was in her room sitting on her bed (my three year old)..jumped up with her and let her hug her right around the neck. HAHAHAHA. No adjustment needed for her!!!!

Then Tommy. I say it again...POOORRRR TOMMY. He hated that cat carrier. HATED it. Howled all the way home. Before I could say anything, my husband just opened the carrier and let him out. He was a little sketchy on things and finally resorted to a space under our bed. Carmel is a growling hissing queen right now.....she is not digging him.

I closed our door and went in to try and get him out. I just laid on the bed and he came out and rolled around on his back for pats. But then he got skittish again and went back underneath the bed.

*sigh* Poor cat. He doesn't mind Carmel.....not at all....but he is a little older (like 5) and is in a new place (he is fine with my daughter, too)....so it will take some time.

But MISS THANG CAT isn't helping him any!!! She is soooo affectionate, though. Just a love-bug. Totally jumped on my husband and licked him to death when he got home.

So..that's it so far! I will have to get some pictures online later.
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It sounds like those new furbabies were meant to be yours! I am sure they will adjust quickly to each other. Carmel sound like a little love bug - she may end up being your daughter's cat!
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Sounds like Carmel is just setting up her territory (her hissing at Tommy). I wouldn't worry too much unless it carries on for a long time (i.e. a month) or they start to fight.

Congratulations on your 2 new babies! My condolences towards Ashie.
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Sounds like Carmel really was the right choice! Now hopefully Miss Thang will get off her high horse & accept the new boy.
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