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2 week old pics

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Here are Mushy's 2 week old babies... I could only get pics of three of them. The only one that we've named, Tattletale, wouldn't sit still for a second, kitty just cried and cried and cried and finally Mushy came over and asked me to put him/her back. Tattletale is all black.
Here are all of them

this is our little tuxedo kitten.. the calmest baby of them all. cried for a couple seconds after i picked him/her up, and then was fine

this is our mom look alike

this one looks just like the one above, and like mom, but has white paws too. he was resting his head on my hand

edit: ok so after looking at this little guide that i found... I'm trying to be official here, Tattletale is a solid black kitty, black and white is a tuxedo, mom look alike I think is a blue silver tabby? I see the M, the roots are white, but the stripes are not black, they are dark gray... same with the last guy but he's mitted.
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Those pictures just make me want to say AWWWWWWWWWWWW
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They are just the cutest things ever! Awwwwww all the way across the board!
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oh my, look at those sweet cherubs cute, just plain old cute
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They are all adorable!!!
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They are very cute! When did they al lstart opening their eyes?
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Very cute indeed! But.. hmm, seeing the pic with the one kitten with its eyes open makes me sad because my little kitten who is 16 days old today has had her eyes opening for about 3-4 days now, but the white flappy thingy that cats have between their eyelids and their eyes, is still covering a good half to a third of her eyes. Will this go away? Is this normal? Sorry if I stole the thread, it really just rose a question for me. Otherwise, extremely cute!
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They started opening their eyes at about 8-9 days. I'm not sure about the white flappy thing. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments.
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Awww, they are so cuuuute!
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They are so adorable
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