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Favorite sunblock / spf lotion for face?

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Just wondering which sunblock / sunscreen / spf lotion people use on their faces. It's so hard to find one that's at least spf 15 and doesn't clog pores or turn your face into an oil-slick! Oh, and isn't fragranced to death either!!

Most of the OTC ones turn my face red
Neutrogena fragrance-free ones make me oily.
Anthelios (those outside the US are lucky to have this) has Mexoryl, which is great, but it costs $40/tube and smells alcohol-y in the higher spfs.

Any suggestions?
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Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch - Spf: 70 (uva/uvb - helioplex) http://www.neutrogena.com/ProductsDe...oductLineID=15 this is one of the best sunscreens available in the US right now according to my dermatologist. Best of all- you can use it all over your body and it isn't greasy at all and doesn't clog your pores I wear it every day As everyone reguardless of skintone or ethnicity should wear sunscreen every day to avoid damage (even when you're just in a car- the suns rays can go through the glass in the windows/etc) damage happens over time- so it's best to wear sunscreen every day to try and avoid as much damage as possible. While we're at it- lets not forget that we should also use chapsticks/etc that containe at least spf 30 in them (and don't forget those forgotten areas- backs of the ears, webs of the fingers, back of necks, in between toes, behind knees,eyelids,scalp) The higher the spf- means it will take that much longer to burn than if you don't have on sunscreen (so since i wear spf 70- it will take me 70 times longer to burn than if i didn't have any on) I am huge on wearing sunscreen. I am very fair skined and have hazel eyes and freckle easily. My mom has had several skin cancer scares (pre cancerous moles removed) and I also had several very bad burns when i was little that i peeled from (all of which increase my odds of skin cancer). I also was VERY stupid and went to the tanning bed a bit as a teenager before i knew any better. I wish someone would have told me how bad they are for you! So now i do everything i can to try and reverse the damages i've done in my younger years to be safe and reduce my odds. I wear sunscreen every single day (even when it's cloudy!- the suns rays can penetrate clouds) and I also wear contacts that help protect my eyes (o2 optix), i also dress appropriately for the wamer weather- thicker knit clothes/etc when i'm at work.

Skin Cancer is preventable. I am doing everything i can to make sure i don't get it Thanks for starting this thread hon- you never know, maybe it will save someones life and prevent them from getting skin cancer by using proper sunscreen/safe sun practices
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I use a bunch of different ones, but the one I like best for my face is Dove. They have an eye one which I find very gentle. It's not greasy or thick feeling, and absorbs nicely.
I'm using an Elizabeth Arden one right now which is very nice. Expensive and more fragranced than I prefer, but it does moisterize well.
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