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Migraine help!

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I got a migraine at 3am (ow!), and I usually take Excedrin Migraine which is Acetaminophen (Paracetamol for the non-Americans), aspirin and caffeine. I know aspirin is bad during pregnancy, so really want to try everything else before I go begging the doctor to take it just this once...

I've tried Tylenol and caffeine, and a cold face washer which helped me get back to sleep after an hour or so, but it's not helping the post-migraine head achiness/pain that I've woken up with.

Anyone got anything else that could work?
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An ice pack on the migraine side of my head works well.

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My mom would wet a piece of brown paper (from a bag), soak it in vinegar and lay it across her forehead while laying down in a darkened room. Of course that was back in the days before all the modern medicines but as you are pregnant you don't want to be taking pills unless you need to. Worth a try if you can handle the vinegar smell for a little while.
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Sometimes eating a banana helps me (the potassium in it is good for headaches), and my father swears by this bizarre folk remedy: stick the banana peel on your forehead and the back of your neck. I don't know why it works (unless somehow the absurdity of sticking a banana peel to your head distracts you from the pain ...), but it does. I've also been known to rub Tiger Balm on my temples and the back of my neck (I cannot abide cold things when I have a migraine, even in extreme heat, so I use ointments that warm my skin up). Also, pinching the skin between your thumb and forefinger can help alleviate the pain a little bit (it's a pressure point), as can rubbing your feet (or having someone rub them for you ).

Edited to add: I can think of two other methods, but neither of them is appropriate for describing in a family-friendly website (for very different reasons).
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wahhhayyy migraines and me are like you lot with cats. I dont go a week without at least one and there is no reason why. Did have a lot of stress not long ago but mine can be traced back as far as being 4 years old - now knocking on the door of 38!
You already know my issue with painkillers - however, I am not pregnant and in this life time - wont ever be (the advantage of being a bloke) (oh - remember that when baby arrives - if its born ceserean - it affects it in later life - every time you stop the car, it will get out of the sunroof!). I take everything going =- however, the most simple things sometimes help.
I use a hot water bottle - with hot water in, wrap a towel round it and put that on the area - i normally do this and eventually goto sleep. Or I nuke up a wheat bag in the microwave and sit with that on me.
For some odd reason, the smell of peppermint also helps as does that of feverfew dabbed on the top of my head. Has a cooling effect and at the same time the heat helps.
I extend every sympathy to you. Women get them more than men due to hormonal changes and having had them as long as I have, they are the worst.
Drink lots of water, get in the shower - bump as well and let the water hit your head where the pain is. Wear some dark glasses and I can only hope it goes for you asap.
For once, if I could take it off you to make you feel easier, I would. At least I can take tablets.
Hang in there
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I take several feverfew capsules with either a Pepsi or a strong cup of coffee. I have prescription meds, but hate to rely on them unless it's absolutely necessary. I feel so bad for you; hope the pain eases soon.
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I spoke to my obstetrician and she said all I can do is to take Tylenol, and if that's not working, all I can do is go to the hospital and they'll put me on Vicodin which is safe to take while pregnant, but they'll only do it if I'm in the hospital

My head is still aching like mad, the pressure across my temples and forehead is ridiculous.

I'm about to try everyone's remedies - except for the banana... I don't have any...
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I get migraines every once in awhile and nothing I take will help even a little bit. I have to lay down with the lights off and take at least a 10 minute nap so that the worst pain will subside. I also have a little jar of that "icy hot" stuff (actually mine is a generic that's just called mentholatum ointment), and I rub that on my entire forehead and back of my head & neck... it helps a lot.
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I usually just lay in a dark room and take some Tylenol 3, since I can't have other migraine meds (I've had to be on and off another medication for years that is contra-indicated with them). I can't believe you're able to be online!! I get SO light sensitive, I couldn't even be in the room with a computer screen. I don't really have any good advice. I'm just curious, said no acetaminophen, but that's exactly what tylenol is......???? EDIT, nevermind, I just reread and realized it was the aspirin you're avoiding.
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What about one of the tryptans like Imitrex? They are the drugs of choice for treating migraines nowawdays. No need to settle for the old fashion painkillers. I am not sure about using them during pregnancy though - last time I heard there wasn't enough research done to actually approve them (though what little was done did not indicate any significant risks).

Reminds me to go to the doctor and ask for a prescription myself lol. I am great at recommending them but never got around to getting them for myself...

I have a migraine blog if anyone is interested and an article on how to create a migraine blog of yourself, as well as a site with info about migraines.
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I have only ever had one bad migraine - plus a few mildish ones - not for a 12 year old but The bad one was probably the worst pain I ever felt. It was maybe 6 months ago I took a panadol but it did virtually nothing so the only thing I could do and felt like doing was lie still as a statue on the bed with a wheat bag on my head for about 6 hours - you can anything thats heavy and feels comfortable on your head. It was still extremely painful and I ended up vomiting 12 hours after it started so it was extremely unpleasant. I also cannot believe you are on a computer that was the very last thing I wanted to do while I had my migraine. So if you dont like taking painkillers just get something heavy and comfortable to stick on your head and lie down it works wonders for me.
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