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Any Tip 'anti-territory'?

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Hi all!

We just moved with our old cat Kahlil, he's 13. He used to it, he's been outside, inside... so there's no problem. But our problem now is that there's a little kitty next door, in the apartment the we share the roof.

THe little kitty is repressing our cat until the point that she comes to our window to blow us... so the cat is afraid all the time under the table, and he doesn't dare to get out of the house (a thing that he's been doing everywere we have been) Our cut is fixed, and she is not, so maybe that's the problem. We are really worried about the situation, because we don't recognize our cat behaving like this... he is really repressed, and the roof is great outside. The little kitty is even blowing and harassing to us, and has the control of the territtory...

Do anybody know any tip to 'free' the territory? Do you think is a matter of time? Is there any solution?

Thank you very much!!!
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What are the chances that the other owner will have his cat spayed - even at your expense (depending on how strongly you feel about it)? It's not unheard of. I am curious what you mean by 'blow' 'blowed', etc. I can't figure out what you're trying to say.
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It is essential to keep your cat separated from her if she is not spayed to avoid her attacking yours. If your neighbor is not willing to have their cat spayed/neutered, unfortunately this is what you have to do.
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Hi all,

I´m going to propose this to my neuighbour. Maybe they are planning to do it eventually...

By saying 'blowing' I meant with the mouth completely open showing the teeths, and making a sound like jjjhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... like a snake!!
I just translated the word directly fom the spanish 'soplar', because I don´t know the technical name in english...

Thanks for the attention!
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Oh you mean hissing. It all makes sence now. Maybe you could try some kind of keep away spray that you can spray around the outside of the windows to keep the other cat from coming to your window.
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