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I woke up to a cat meowing outside last night. It was still there when I left for work. It is very friendly, but skinny. I don't know if i should go and get it and take it to the shelter. I'd hate to take it and it's not chipped but belongs to someone. (I can't keep it btw).
I've found cats that seem to be abandoned at my apartments before, a couple I've taken to the shelter. I kept one for a couple days, just enough time to start getting attached, and it got outside and never came back. Another one I decided to take to see if it was chipped, lo and behold it was! It lived half a block down the street!
I guess I will wait a couple hours and go home to see if it's still around, if so I'll take it to the shelter.
Does a male cat (i'm not sure if it is male) follow a female anywhere, any distance, and then end up lost? This cat has that stray cat smell, you know, like engine grease? But it seems well kept besides being a little thin, and is loveable..