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Odor fromcat on pillows

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My Sweetie sleeps on my pillows each night. Lately I've noticed a cat odor on the pillows. Is there anything I can use to wipe her down with that will eliminate the cat smell? I'm not crazy about changing the pillow cases each day. Also, she has picked up a habit of wanting to be brushed every time I'm in the bathroom. That's where I would groom her, she is short haired and so I would not brush her bald, I use a regular people hair brush on her. I still groom her with a metal toothed brush a couple of times a week. She jumps on the sink and meows until I use the people brush on her, several times a day. She enjoys this so much, she purrs and turns around and really gets affectionate. I'm wondering if this brushing is bring out oils to the surface of her and thats what I'm smelling on the pillows. A bath is out of the question, any advice would be appreciated.
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Well, it looks like you've come to the right place for your questions. There are so many people on TCS that have a lot of experience with cats!

Now, have you tried washing the pillow cases? Does the smell come out when you wash them? I guess I've never noticed PHX smelling before when sleeping. I do know that this is normal for cats though, so don't worry Maybe your cat is sweating? (Do cats even sweat?) I like to use febreeze in my house though, that way my house DOESN'T smell like cats.

I was looking around on the internet to see if there was a certain product you could buy to keep it smelling fresh. Take a look at this link:


Ok, so I just looked on the internet (i love the internet) to see if cat's sweat. Indeed they do! Check out this link:


About the cat jumping up and wanting brushed all the time. I think there are other cats like that. It just feels good to the cat, just like a massage would feel good to us. As long as you keep doing it, the cat will still keep wanting it.

I'm sure someone will come along that has experienced this before, as I never have. Good luck, and keep us informed!
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Yes, the odor does come out when the pillow cases are washed. Fabreze is a good suggestion.
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I pull the covers over the pillow or place a folded towel over the pillow. Remove it when you're ready for bed.

Munchie still gets cozy on the pillow (even though it's covered by a blanket or twoel) but this way, I'm not left w/ a fresh coating of cat dander on my pillow every day!
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I would have her checked by the vet to eliminate any medical problems - normal cats really don't smell unless they've been into something smelly. Or maybe its the litter you are using that is getting on the feet, which gets on the pillowcase.

Why is a bath out of the question?
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I really haven't considered a bath because I don't think its something she would put up with. Then again, maybe she would like it. I'm going to try the towel on the pillows and the fabreze first. I did use fabreze last night and didn't notice an odor. I did have a litter problem a while ago, but a different brand of litter really helped. Thanks for all the responses and suggestions.
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i suggest having her checked out too. A normal cat shouldn't have an odor. And yes Febreeze is amazing!
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