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How's everyone doing today? I am going to be going shopping in a little while! Yipee! Who doesn't love shopping! And this weekend we are going to New York and spending the night over a friend's house then going to a wedding! Fun fun!!
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Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
Seth is doing GREAT!!! He got a Hep A shot today also.Thank you all sooooooooooooo much!!

I already knew he was going to be great
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Good to read Seth has a good check-up!!
Got some work done early today as we are going to get some very nasty weather later today.
We have wind advisory now with gust up to 45 MPH-so fun when driving the truck!! Severe thunderstorms tonite with damaging winds (up to 80 MPH) could have large (golf ball) hail. Big tornado watch area in Wisconsin too. Mom is freaking out when I called her earlier. I got things put away outside that could blow around and the gutters are cleaned of debris. Charging my cell phone and some spare batteries for my weather radio. And chillin some beer too!! Hope the storms aren't too bad though.
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Is it the weekend yet?
My 11 year old left for camp yesterday and I miss her terribly, she comes home Friday....lol My 3 year old was up all night with a stomach bug that my entire house has been dealing with since last Friday, hopefully this is it since he is last to get it ( I'm now out of bleach and lysol )...........BLAH been one of those weeks
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