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That was some great Customer Service

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So today on the way to my new job I decided to stop and get myself a little treat. So I stopped at Kohls. I never shop there but decided a treat is a treat go for it. I found the perfect little sleep mask adoreable and just for me. and took my purchase to the register by the door i was parked near..

Only to get stuck behind....ugh...people litteraly buying almost every towel in the towel department on a buy one get one which the poor cashier had to do manually and they dint mention it before she had 7 bags STUFFED for them. Needless to say I stood around for 10 mins..a bit annoyed but i kept my peice. It wasnt the cashiers fault it was taking so long.inluceing form of payment ect. I have been that cahsier for sure.

when they left I patiently offered a smile and gave her my item. Cashier appologized profusely..and gave me and the lady behind me 10% off our purchase.

Now thats service I would have been happy without it too and the sorry (it wasnt her fault) But i was very very impressed. I called her manager as well on my break with name where she was and time of day and gave a glowing report
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That was great. I am glad you followed up with her boss - most people don't get the recognition they deserve, only get in trouble when something goes wrong!
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Very nice gesture. Just have to hope she doesn't get in trouble with her boss for giving the 10% discount.
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I'm so glad you called the manager and complimented her! To many times the manager only gets involved when a customer has a complaint. I'm sure that will go in her file and help her down the road. Good for you!
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That sounds great! I hope she got a good review from her boss!
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I dont think she woul have. I talked to a friend of mine who works for Kohls somewhere, and she said its something they are trained for If the need arises.

I hope her manager followed up too
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So many places don't empower the employees closest to the customer - in fact those are the most abused, underpaid employees and the management wonders why there are complaints about customer service. It is nice to hear about good customer service.
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That's awesome! I used to work for Kohl's Corporate, and they really do try to instill good customer service in their employees. I'm sure her manager appreciated the call.
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
So many places don't empower the employees closest to the customer...
Exactly! And it makes such a big difference when they do... for the employees, too, I think. It transforms them from a mere extension of the corporate machine into a person with individual judgment and responsibility. Most people will rise to that occasion.
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Instead of thinking about this from the manager's point of view, or even the customers point of view.... Think about it this way:

Your at work working (of course), and your big time manager comes up to you. Your first thought is, your getting in trouble for something... anything! Then when he walks up he says "I just received a phone call" OH NO!!! "They said how good of a job your doing, how your giving GREAT customer service. Man, I wish more of my employees where like you!" WOO HOO!

Now, I wish someone would call my boss

BTW: I'm glad you called the manager, because boss's need to know who the good workers are Hopefully, he said something to her!
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Actually, if you want to take it further and try to ensure they get the proper kudos, in addition to that, I'd get one of those feedback cards and/or write to corporate headquarters with good reviews for the cashier in particular, the manager for training her so well, and instilling a value of customer service in that store's employees. Often, the manager and cashier will be on some sort of "customer service" building plan that they'll get some sort of bonus, or points value or a better review.. that's how it works with the May Company..

here's their corporate headquarters address, as well as phone number:
Corporate Headquarters
Kohl's Department Stores
N56 W17000 Ridgewood Drive
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051 Phone262) 703-7000

This is the web address for corporate where you can click on a link for "contact us".. but I'd send a letter to corporate headquarters, with a CC to the store management at the local store. A paper trail in these cases usually gets more.. kudos, for lack of a better word. Emails get lost sometimes and they don't have as much impact. At least that's what the May Company taught us (of course, they've now been bought out by Macy's, so who knows??).

She seems to have done an awesome job!! And good deal on getting the 10% off. And sometimes if you write to them they'll send you "thank yous" in the form of a coupon or discount card, etc.
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Yup i wrote to their corp Hq too I am happy to send happy stuff. I am sure they get lots of complaints and such
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Oh, no doubt. People don't usually write when they're happy... Just when they're mad. Although, personally, I think we all ought to write when we're happy with something a store does, so they keep doing it and head in the right direction. I really should start doing more of that. I need to write to Whole Foods and Wegman's. They're awesome.
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