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Feedback on Feliway

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HEY y'all!
I am looking for some feedback on feliway- in terms of relaxing a skittish cat.
We recently got a 2nd cat, and after about a month and a half she still hisses and hides from him. He isn't aggressive towards her only curious!
Soooo, I was wonderng if Feliway might do the trick! I have already tried some other natural cat pheromone stuff and it didn't work.
I appreciate any input!
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I use it all the time. Works in my household of three cats, two of which don't particularly get along.

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I use it for Cindy, she's very high strung. I used it when we first got her and after we have to take her to the vet. I think it helps a lot. I honestly don't remember how long it took her to stop hissing and hiding and fighting with Swanie, but I don't think it was any longer than a month. The two of them are great friends now.
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I went to a lecture held by a vet one time who claimed a specialty in cat behavior. He talked in length about Feliway. To summarize his discussion, Feliway has been shown to help approximately 70-80% of cats. It comes in 2 forms - the spray and the diffuser (that you plug into an outlet). If you are using it in your home, you would use the diffuser and would want to put it into as many rooms as possible, as it only covers a set amount of square footage. If you only do it in one room, it may not help your problem if the cats roam all over the house.

But Feliway is expensive and if you happen to have the 20-30% of cats that don't do well by it, it's a large investment. Perhaps get one for a single room and try introductions in that room. If it works, get them for all over your house.

Have you read thru the sticky in Behavior that talks about how to introduce new cats to your household? Feliway is only one of the tricks you can use to introduce cats. Another that works well in my household is the vanilla extract trick. You dab a little bit of it on their scent points (head, shoulder blades and base of tail) so that they all smell the same. I've resorted to that as Feliway doesn't work with all of the cats in my house.
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i have a diffuser going again. it helps my high anxiety cat a lot. it also seems to take the "edge" off of tensions in our home.
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Yes, I have tried the vanilla trick and that did not work at all.
I also kept them on seperate floors of the house for about two weeks. I did try to cotton ball nose to nose...no good.
I just have one cat who is very skittish who has had full reign of the house for 9 years...so I know it will take time!
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When I took Milo to be neutered about 5 months, he returned to Pepsi hissing at him and this went on for about 3 days and we had to seperate them. When it was Pepsi's turn I took advice not wanting the same thing to happen again. I used Feliway as advised and it made no difference at all. We still had the hissing.
Didnt work in that instance but it did seem to help when we had to transport the cats as they both dislike the car. Again not a huge difference but they did seem calmer.
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Maybe I didn't use it right, or I have the other percent, but it didn't do anything for my brood, and it stained my white window sills, where I was spraying it.
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Feliway helps in my home! I couldn't figure out why my resident kitty was attacking my new mother kitty, until I realized I needed more Feliway. I introduced it into the house after my mother cat had her kittens, because my resident kitty was hissing and getting growly.

He only hisses at the kittens now, but he's just a big baby and doesn't want to play!
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I used feliway and had positive results. I sprayed it on all the corners and legs of furniture, anywhere where cats might rub against something.
Spray it on door frames, moulding, cat doors, legs of tables chairs, near the food dishes, litter boxes, everything.
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