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I have a few questions

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This might be kind of scattered but I'll try and keep it together. Anyway, I have a few questions about cats getting along with other animals.

Question one: I have around 16 guinea pigs, mostly rescue, and am wondering how a cat would get along with prey animals? The guinea pigs are in an open cage with baby gates at the door ways but thats it. I use C&C cages and most that are as big as mine don't have lids on them. The room the pigs are located in is almost impossible to block off. What could I do that would allow me to get a cat but to also keep the existing animals safe?

Question two: I also have a few dogs and one is a 150lbs. The big one is actually the nicest one. The other two are around 40 lbs. and one of them likes little animals such as squrriels, rabbits, and guinea pigs. What could I do to help them get along? I'm a little scared it might try and eat the cat I get.

Question three: Does anyone know how cats and rabbits get along?

Anyway, I think thats it for now.
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It completely & totally depends on the cat. IMO, a cat who's been a stray & had to kill for food wouldn't do well in your home.

As I see it, you have two choices:
1) adopt a younger kitten
2) adopt an adult who has lived with guinea pigs &/or rabbits

I wouldn't want to risk a kitty killing your other animals. As for dog/cat intros, I leashed my dogs to see how they did with the kitty. IMO, it's a good idea to have a "kitty room" set up with food/litter/water for the new cat until they get used to things.
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IMO since the pigs are not really confined and enclosed, a cat could easily jump the gate and have a nice meal.

Even cats raised with mice, rabbits, etc. are not totally trust worthy. They may go YEARS without harming them, but IMO one day that prey instinct kicks in.

I would not bring in a cat right now.
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I had an indoor bunny and 5 cats at one time, and they got along great. Of course, the bunny was full grown and I got the cats (one by one) as kittens so they grew up with her almost as a surregate mommy. They would groom each other and play together, but I tried not to let them alone together once the cats were full grown, just in case. But, there never seemed to be a problem. I don't know about introducing an adult cat to a bunny, or a household of guinee pigs though. If you want to get a cat, I would get a kitten...the pigs will be bigger than he/she at first and it will develop a healthy respect for them.

With the dogs, if you introduce them slowly and make sure you're there most of the time, I think it will be ok. The thing with dogs is once they realize a smaller animal is considered part of the family they seem to know they are off limits.

Good luck!
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I think for now its best to wait. I think my family is thinking of putting acordian doors up and then it might be possible. Thanks for the advice.
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