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Just spent an hour....

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trying desperately to catch a gorgeous long haired dark tabby, at 10pm, in a dark parking lot with one small light... WITH NO LUCK! Everything that went wrong did and he finally ran off. I say "he" because I just had that feeling. He came out to me and was interested in me. But he wouldn't come more then just a few feet away. I even ran back home and grabbed a net, a cage and a tin of wet food. The second he heard the can open he charged right over to me. I could almost pet the top of his head but he was really nervous about it. So I let him have a taste of the wet food and then I put it into the trap. He walked right up to the trap and walked in and the TRAP DIDN'T GO OFF!! I was pissed but I walked up to it from behind and i got right there and tapped it with my hand which USUALLY sets it off, but not this time. He heard it and backed out.

he always stayed a few feet away and followed me closely behind but far enough away. But after doing this for an hour, I couldn't find him anymore so I left the can in a good spot and went home. I will have to try again tomorrow.
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At least you tried. Hope you get him next time.
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Good vibes for catching him tomorrow!
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Ugh, you woulda had him if it wouldn't have been for the dumb trapp... jeez.. well i hope you manage to find him!
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