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Can I have some of those great TCS Vibes??

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As some of you know, my husband has been out of work for about 4 months. (is that normal?) And we are going to stay here in So. CA (long story... short, my parents offered to help us move to No. Ca, but my husband didn't want to and I wasn't too sure either.) And I love my job in So. CA!! So anyway, we are staying here for now.

My husband is working with 5 staffing agencies and has gone on/applying for many jobs, interviews. But nothing! We just need a break in life.

Please send some job vibes for him.
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4 months IS normal! I was unemployed for 7 months until I found a job, its awful out there!

Best of luck to him, I'm sending all the 'get a job vibes' I possibly can!
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Thank you It just seems like a long time.
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Originally Posted by Cat Mommy View Post
Thank you It just seems like a long time.
It does seem like a long time, but .... good things come to those who wait!
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four months is normal - my hubby (when he was my fiance) was let go from a job and he was unemployed for nearly a year searching for a job. he eventually took a position at a retail store - not what he got a degree from a university for. but he took the job and it worked for him for a time until he got his "dream job."

i wish you all the best of luck. your hubby's dream job is out there. just keep the faith.
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I am sending some good job vibes too! A few years ago my dad was out of work for almost a year. He is a welder, and has been doing it for 35 or so years, so everywhere that he applied said he was "overqualified". Gotta love that!! Crazy! Good luck to him though!!
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Perfectly normal in these times... flooding you with Good Job Vibes...
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I understand that frustration all too well - four years ago, my husband was out of work for 18 months. He's now looking again as he was just let go. It is stressful because you're worried and you are trying so hard to be supportive.

So I'm sending him get a "great job now" vibes and hugs to you.
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I am sending many job vibes ur guys way
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Lots of vibes headed to both of you!!!!!
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I don't know what the job market is like where you are but in Ontario 4 months isn't that long. I will send him vibes everyday until he gets a great job - good luck!
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Mega job vibes coming your way. Good luck.
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Today he received good & bad news. The bad is one of the agencies called and said he wasn't picked for a position with the same agency. But he is still in the running for another position. The good news is on Tuesday he has an interview for a customer service job it sounds like a good job, I think, for a starting point. It pays good and just down the street from my work. So I hope that it works out & he likes it.

On a side note, we were at Petsmart & I really wanted to adopt all the cute kitties. There was one that I really want, but he says no. grrr!! I still think feeding three isn't much more than feeding two, right? To me, isn't about money so much as helping a homeless kitty.
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Many vibes coming that way for a steady job and all.
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Lots of vibes heading his way!
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)))))))))))))))))))))))) ... (((((((((((((((((((((((((((
Many good vibes on the way!!!
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Sending vibes and thoughts his way.
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